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Unusual Valentine Gifts For Your Loved One
by Allison Whitehead

Fed up with traditional gifts this Valentine’s Day? Too soon after the indulgences of Christmas to get more chocolates, and feeling uninspired by the usual offerings of red roses? Do you object to paying four times as much for flowers, just because it’s February 14th?

Why not inject a little more originality into Valentine’s Day this year and buy something a little more off the wall? With a bit of searching you’ll be surprised at what turns up.
There seems to be more call for original gifts and presents nowadays, and there are plenty of ways to show your partner you love them, without resorting to flowers and chocolates.

The key to finding a successful gift is to think about your partner’s likes and dislikes. Your gift doesn’t necessarily need to be related to romance in any way at all – after all, chocolates aren’t!

If your partner has always wanted to go hot air ballooning, what could be more romantic than a champagne flight for two on Valentine’s Day? If they’re a little more down to earth, tickets to see a show in theatre land might be just the ticket. When you start thinking in the right channels, you’ll soon see you can come up with plenty of ideas.

If you’ve got a smaller budget in mind, but you still want to create a memorable evening, why not buy some sensuous bath oils, scented floating candles, and play some romantic music to set the mood?
Remember, love is priceless, and you don’t need a huge amount of money to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year. Why not get your thinking cap on now? Before you know it, you’ll have plans for the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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About the author: Allison Whitehead is the co-owner of Shop Smoo, which stocks quality toys, gifts and gadgets for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day. For more information, and to receive their free regular newsletter, visit stores.ebay.co.uk/shop-smoo

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