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The full expansion of VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. The basic requirement of VoIP is the Broadband Internet Connection (a high speed internet connection). It is the most important factor, also responsible for the functionality of VoIP Phones. Because of the use of broadband internet connection in VoIP phones, one will be able to make and receive calls, so it is also known as “Broadband phones”.

Basic Functionality of VoIP Technology
   The basic functionality of VoIP technology is to convert voice signal which is an analog signal in to the digital signal which then will be transferred to another computer through broadband internet connection and before reaching to the listener it again converts into the voice signal and is understandable by the listener.
Bandwidth is required for using VOIP Phones

   The functionality of VoIP phones depends on the internet connection and the quantity of the data transferred by that internet connection which is directly proportional to the speed of the broadband internet connection. This means that the high bandwidth is required to transfer large amount of data and low bandwidth can also work for small amount of data transfer. In brief, bandwidth is the required capability to transfer data in a particular period of time.
Bandwidth is of two types:
•     Upload Bandwidth: It refers to the quantity of the data sent to the internet.
•     Download Bandwidth: It refers to the quantity of the data received from the internet connection.
As VoIP phone calls uses bandwidth of 90 Kbps for high sound quality so it is recommended that use internet connection having bandwidth 90 Kbps. But in case the internet service provider is unable to provide 90 Kbps bandwidth then you can choose the option of lower bandwidth of about 60 Kbps or 30 Kbps provided by most of the VoIP service providers.
Uses of VoIP Broadband Phone

   The most important use of VoIP phone is to make long distance or international calls at very low rates. This feature attracts people specially business persons who have contacts with their international clients. Moreover, VoIP also offer various types of features like call diverting, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding, conferencing etc. And all these additional features are absolutely free of cost.

   Another most attractive feature is that these VoIP service providers also provide a service of virtual phone number. By this feature, you will be provide an area code of any place or country to where you have to make maximum number of calls or receive maximum number of calls. By using this area code your call will consider as a local call and not any international call and so will be very cost effective for you.

Precautions of using Broadband Phone Service:
   As there are many uses of VoIP phone service but it will be safe if you will always consider the following mentioned precautions while using the broadband phone service.
1.)      As you know that the broadband phone works by transferring the digital signal using internet connection, so it is recommended to use the high quality broadband connection for avoiding disturbance and poor sound quality while calling.
2.)     Always be ready with some back up in case of any power cut, as the internet connection stops working by the breakdown of power supply, hence will stop the functionality of broadband phones.
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