The Good And Bad Of CRT Monitors

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Today, CRT monitors are outdated. Many claim that they are too bulky and weigh too much- LCD monitors are in more high of a demand. It would seem, the price is the only thing not going for them. So, do you have the old fashioned CRT monitor?

For CRT, pricing is the clear plus, costing much less than other forms of technology such as LCD or plasma. They also last longer, giving you more shelf life for your money. They can endure lots of heat so don�t expect LCD�s to hold up in extreme heat like a CRT can. So, on the face of it CRT has an advantage or two over other monitor types.

But, CRT image quality is still not good - that is not to say it is bad either - but other forms of monitors are much better. The average CRT monitor is much heavier, and bulkier than their slimmer counterparts. And, CRT monitors should never be left on too long as they can �burn� an image of what is on the screen into the monitor. With today's ever expanding screen size, CRT�s can never exceed 40 inches, so you will have to opt for a different monitor if you wish for a larger screen.
CRT is here to stay, for the time being, because of its good pricing and excellent image quality. If you want to upgrade to the likes of LCD or plasma, be prepared to shell out extra money. If you are on a budget, it is recommended you stick with the CRT, at least for the time being.

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