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We all want to be more productive in the workplace and at home and this is reflected in the app market. More developers are building productivity apps to help users create to-do lists, collaborate with coworkers and manage deadlines. With so many apps out there, however how can designers and developers create apps they know will be useful for a long time? One of the tools that helps answer this question is wireframe software. With wireframe software, user experience designers can easily create an interactive visualization of the tool they would like to create. No code is necessary, which means that designs can be mocked up quickly. 

Why Wireframe Software?

The benefit that wireframe software brings to productivity apps is that it enables designers to evaluate and test out their concepts on end users early in the development phase. This means designers can see how effectively users respond to the wireframes within the context of the working environment. You can also ask users honestly if this is a tool that would help them with the tasks they need to perform. Remember, with productivity apps, the concept itself has to stand out and be effective. The GUI design can be optimized after the wireframing phase. There are some wireframe software that allow for prototypes to be simulated on an end device, which means you can really evaluate your app design in its context

Productivity Tips

From my experience, the way to optimize productivity is to set deadlines, to focus on one task at a time and to reward each accomplishment. By incorporating these tips into your productivity app you should be able to provide a product that will bring value to your users. Think of ways you can reward your users when they have completed a task. Will this be through a sound, an image, video, or by rewarding the user with time to browse social media? Perhaps you might want to include a productivity tip in the app itself to help your users. If your wireframe software allows, make comments within the wireframes and get feedback from others as much as possible. 


Wireframe software can be easy to pick up and quick to use. For productivity app design, context is the most important aspect of creating a successful app that others will want to use long term. In order for your app to stand out from the crowd, carry out user testing, get feedback and stick to productivity principles within your concept. Look into theories of gamification and see if you can find a new way to reward your users for the tasks they complete. Remember to think about key partners that could be brought into your apps and how third party applications can be integrated. Use wireframe software as a quick and easy way to get user validation on your concept and to create a user-friendly application.

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