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Print and copy services are very much in demand in the business industry. This is an important aspect in their promotional campaign especially in the generation of monthly newsletters, brochures, post cards, banners, coupons, and other campaign materials. However, these companies are interested to learn which can be considered the best company in terms of these kinds of services. There are many who will offer their service but without proper investigation, you may end up choosing a company that does not deliver quality products.

Sir Speedy is one of the trusted names in this category. Its services extends to direct marketing, data services, creative postcard service, web to print, and signs, posters, and banners assistance including variable printing, digital printing, post card printing, book printing, offset printing, and large format printing. It even assists clients with lead their business strategies specializing in marketing performance, cross-sell/upsell, lead generation, customer retention, branding, and customer reactivation. The company brags of excellent services and reliable production. As the name implies, speed and quality is the main foundation of the company and this is what the company aims to produce in all the projects it will be entrusted with.

Kinko’s is another prominent name in this field. It offers a wide range of services including desktop rentals, manufacturing print documents, color copying, and fax machines assistance. It began its operation in the year 1970 with just a single copy machine, but the commitment and dedication of the owner helped it become one of the largest printing companies in North America, before being acquired by FedEx. Today, it is fully operated and utilized by FedEx who also enhanced some of the features it offers to clients.

It is not too difficult to find companies with similar services offered by these prominent names in the printing industry. The difference lies with the rates, the quality, and the speed of their delivery. Some businesses would not wish to gamble with the speed of delivery and prefer that all their correspondences and campaign materials be mailed to the designated audience on particular dates, especially if it entails informing them of recent promotions and special offers. Some businesses would focus on the savings they will gain from bulk orders. They would be very happy to receive big discounts for the numerous projects they will assign to the company because it means lesser expenditures on their end, while the remaining companies would be interested in one-stop-shop that will accommodate all of their campaign needs including the design, the printing, and the mailing of these documents and postcard service.

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