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Is cost the only determinant that motivates overseas companies/clients to hire resource from offshore location such as India? Probably yes, but primarily not for quality of work often precedes the cost. Over the years, India has earned the spot of the most preferred outsourcing nation in the world. During offshore outsourcing India, it was considered the prerogative of larger companies who had invested in many low-end business processes to embrace and talk outsourcing. However with time, this practice percolated down to small and medium sized business enterprises who realized the many benefits of outsourcing in terms of leveraging cost effective quality skill set.
It is a Herculean task to find the best candidate for each job or position. Quality of work does matter a lot. One of the biggest advantages for India is its exceptional Productivity, Quality and Rate or PQR. This is primarily because of unmatched training and education which has been the primary focus of the Indian government from the very start.
Post Independence, a great emphasis was laid on developing and enhancing tertiary education in India and this facilitated the foundation of the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kharagpur, West Bengal in the year 1951; following which 6 more Institutes were added to the coveted list. As of today, the number of IIT’s stands to 15, spread across at various locations in the country, contributing to the world more than ten thousand young engineers, IT experts with immense talent and potential.
The India IT sector has grown tremendously, thanks to keen government interest that has been relentlessly supporting IT industry ever since the economic liberalization in the 1990’s happened. Privatization of the telecom stratum, improved infrastructure and the spread of internet further supported offshore outsourcing in India. Socio- political stability is yet another factor why offshore outsourcing in India has flourished.
The immediate effect of this change can be seen in the subsequent decade which witnessed the blossoming of IT/BPO sector. Since early 2000, Offshore Companies in India has taken to new heights and seems to be evolving for the better, irrespective of the predicted relapse of the economic slowdown.

Article By: Johan Smith

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