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One of the biggest challenges faced by HR departments is recruitment. Out of all of the tasks human resources take care of recruitment is the most important one.

If they get it right a firm will flourish and expand, get it wrong and they will struggle, and could even end up going out of business. It really is that important a firm can only compete effectively if they have good people, and this is the case regardless of what sector they operate in.

The biggest problem with recruitment is how time consuming it can be. Advertising each post, dealing with applications, interviewing, testing, induction and training all take a lot of time and resources.
Often, firms simply do not have this time. In today's modern trading environment firms often, need people very quickly to take advantage of a specific opportunity. Streamlining the recruitment process is vital.

How effective is Your Recruitment Process?

Time and money wise recruitment can be a huge black hole. Very few firms quantify their recruitment process effectively, so do not realise just how much they are spending on recruitment. Nor do they have any idea of how effective their recruitment process is. In addition, they are often missing the chance to recruit talented people because they follow traditional recruitment processes.

Analysing Your Recruitment Process
The key to improving your recruitment process is to measure its effectiveness. There is some good software available, which can help you to do exactly that.

Using this software you can track your recruitment process, and the time and money spent for each stage of the process. For example, you can see at a glance how much it cost you to advertise a post. How many respondents you got, how quickly they applied and whether those respondents were the right kind of people. Next time you have a position to fill, you can use this data to identify the most effective place to advertise that new post.

In addition, the best recruitment software allows you to keep track of potential talent. If you have a candidate with the right talent, but no job to offer them at the time, you can keep their details to hand. The moment you have a role for them you can contact them to see if they are available. This approach makes recruitment extremely quick and extremely cheap.

If you are looking for effective recruitment software ,that is competitively priced, visit the Computers in Personnel HR website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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