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A business’s success can be totally altered by how effective they are at creating brand awareness. And when it comes to brand awareness, getting the right design is integral. However, once you have done the research and utilised the right design companies, it is also wise to consider how unified your brand designs are.

For example, making sure you have effective retail design is all well and good, but if you have a vast online clientele, should your branding design be different online to the way in which your store looks, then the same customers are far less likely to also increase footfall in-store too.
Different brands will need different approaches to the way in which they utilise design, and it is important to differentiate between product brands and the brand that is associated with shops themselves. Many businesses assume that only the products themselves are brands, but in reality every unique business is its own brand, whether they happen to be creating products or selling them.

Increasing brand awareness for retail shops will revolve heavily around the right retail design. The design should sum up your business and help people to instantly form a connection with it, understanding what its ethos is and who it plans to appeal too. For businesses that are predominantly based online, utilising the same online branding in pop up shops can be a very effective way to branch out and ensure that as many people as possible form physical associations to your company, and are more likely to return time and time again to your website.

From pop up shops to your logo, each and every part of the design of your company will inform how effective your brand is. Therefore, utilising the right design companies, be they retail or graphic, is the best first step in ensuring you create the best possible brand awareness.

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Article By: Aidan Smith

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