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Hotel room investment is a relatively new investment vehicle that is designed to be suitable for any kind of investor. It is an investment vehicle that is growing in popularity, and with good reason.

Why Get Involved in Hotel Room Investment

Hotel rooms are something that there is strong demand for in the UK and much of Europe. Hotel room investment allows ordinary private investors to take a slice of the profits that are to be made in this extremely lucrative market. Returns are very good at around 14.5%.
Travel to the UK is increasing rather than decreasing and residents of large countries such as China are increasingly travelling to the UK. This means that future demand is likely to soar rather than fall off, which will translate into good returns for investors both now and in the future.

This is a form of property investment, which is completely hands off requiring no time or effort on the part of the investor. The hotel chain is responsible for marketing, hiring out the room, maintaining and cleaning it and taking care of the guests.

This form of property investment can be entered into with a relatively small pool of funds. It does not require the investor to get a mortgage to buy property outright. Prices start at as little as £10,000.

Because it is considered by the taxman as a commercial investment, it can be included in a pension fund or Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). For UK investors this is a very important distinction.
Getting Started with Hotel Room Investment

Getting started with hotel room investment is very easy. The best firms are happy to explain everything to investors. They have an extensive portfolio of hotel rooms for investors to choose from and can advise them on which ones are most suitable for each kind of investor. The best firms have a range of hotels to choose from including five star accommodations, country houses as well as city hotels. It is an investment vehicle, which can be set up and arranged very quickly with very little paperwork.

To find out more about hotel room investment and get started visit the Ldag website.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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