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I have a bit of a reputation among my close friends and family members, that of being somebody that loves to vacation. In fact, if I had things my own way, I would likely be vacationing much more often than I was at home. It really does not even matter what type of vacation I am taking, regardless of whether it is visiting a neighboring town and staying in a hotel or going on a cruise for a week or longer, I am going to enjoy myself. Of course, along the way I have amassed quite a bit of knowledge about finding the perfect vacation and doing so at a price that was affordable. None of them were quite as affordable, however, as when I discovered how to use a travel auction to save money.

One of the things that I really have enjoyed about using a travel auction is the fact that it was rather unique when compared to other bidding sites. I have been on the Internet for quite some time and I have used all types of penny auction websites, as well as some of the more popular types of bidding sites, such as eBay and craigslist. When I found a travel auction website, however, I was completely blown away by the number of different choices that were available. In fact, my first experience with this type of auction got me a vacation that I had never even considered taking before, and I had a wonderful time.

Since I first discovered the travel auction websites, I learned how to use them effectively to save the most amount of money possible. There are some things that you should know that can help you to do the same. First of all, not all bidding sites that offer vacations are going to stack up equally, as there are some significant differences in the way that they operate. One of the ways that they are different is that some travel auction websites will take your bid, but they will not reimburse you if you do not win that bid. That can add to additional expenses that are not going to help you save money in any way, shape or form.

Another thing that I noticed about using the travel auction is the fact that you need to be ready to bid on something at a moments notice. When you see an auction appear that you want to take advantage of, begin the bidding and continue to keep up on the bidding, as that may frighten the other bidders away. Additionally, you should ensure that you are available for the end of the bidding, as that is when the majority of the penny auction action is going to take place.

Some travel auction websites will also limit you to a larger extent than others as far as the bidding options that are available. One of the top auction websites that I have found, ubidugo, did not place any unnecessary demands on their members, but rather, gave a flat 24 hours for the bidding to begin and began all of the bidding at zero dollars. This helps level the playing field and gave me the advantage, especially with my experience with online auction websites. Another significant difference is the fact that when you use ubidugo, you are not in the dark about who you are bidding against. You are not only able to see the total bid at any given time, you are able to see who you were bidding against and who is winning the race.

Another fun thing that I can say about ubidugo is the fact that when it got down to the final minute of the penny auction, each bid extended the length of time by 15 seconds. It was a lot of fun to see all the bids come flying in and know that I was only putting in a penny at any given time. All that is really necessary is for you to stay on top and to be at the top when the time runs out and you will be on your way to a fantastic, inexpensive vacation.

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Maria Wilmer is a web researcher with a special interest in travel auction websites. She recommends, a new travel auction website primarily deals in cruise and air travel packages, offering deeply discounted travel deals.

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