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Ever since the economy took a downturn people are struggling to make ends meet. The result of these struggles means every penny earned has to go to something completely necessary and all other unnecessary things have to fall by the wayside. The unfortunate thing for most people is this means their well deserved travel plans have to be canceled to make funds available for other activities and services. Up until not that long ago there was no easy way out for the avid traveler, however nowadays you are lucky enough to have an incredible travel auction website such as Ubidugo. There is no doubt you will find a lot of options after doing a search for vacation auction sites, however most of them do not uphold the promises they make nor do they offer the incredible deals they advertise. We started our company on a few simple principles, which is to outdo all of the other bidding sites around. We invite you to look at our website as well as our competitors so you can make a fair comparison and see exactly where our penny bid site excels and their penny auction site falls short. We would like to take a moment to discuss a number of the features you will find when you join our website.

The first step in joining any travel auction website is to go through the registration process. A vacation auction site is typically no different than any other website on the Internet with regard to registration. Most registration processes are extremely long and drawn out making them a huge hassle for the customer. We have recognized this as a problem, which is why we have made our process as streamlined and simple as possible. The simplicity of our site as compared to other bidding sites allows us to make a customer very happy and allows our customers to get started in a penny auction much sooner than they could at other auction sites. As soon as our customers finish the registration process they are usually very pleasantly surprised to learn their account has five free bids placed in it already. Free bids allow our customers to save money in the beginning as well as give them five free opportunities to test out our services.

Once you enter out travel auction website you'll notice there are seemingly unlimited opportunities to have fun. Unlike many other auction sites we do not simply recycle the same products each and every day. Every day you log into your vacation auction account you'll be blown away by the new and exciting penny auctions happening. We know we cannot depend on impressing you only one time we must do it each and every time you come into our website, which is why we strive to only present the highest quality hotel stays, airfare, car rental, and travel accessory deals. We do want to take a moment to address a very common question people have when they participate in auctions on bidding sites. The common question is what happens to my bids when I participate in auction I do not win? Most penny auction sites have to answer truthfully and say that losing bids disappear permanently. We are proud to say that each and every person who participates in our penny bid system is a winner. While only one person is actually able to win the auction prize at the end, nobody will simply lose the money they spent on losing bids. Each and every losing bid placed on our site is credited back to the bidder in the form of travel points to be used in the future on incredible travel vacations.

Each and every travel auction site on the Internet is doing what they can to stand apart from the pack. Unfortunately, most bidding sites stand out from others for negative reasons while we stand out for the incredible services and bonuses we offer our customers. As previously stated, we have formed our company based off of a few simple principles which stem from treating our customers and their money with the utmost respect. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to gain travel experiences stop by our vacation auction site and place a penny bid of your own.


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Maria Wilmer is a web researcher with a special interest in travel auction websites. She recommends, a new travel auction website primarily deals in cruise and air travel packages, offering deeply discounted travel deals.

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