Prostrate Cancer Treatments Understanding The Procedures

Cancer Prostate Cancer Prostrate Cancer Treatments Understanding The Procedures

Prostrate cancer treatments can be categorized into two categories, based on the stage in which the cancer is. First category is called the Early Stage Prostrate Cancer Treatments and these treatments are administered in Stage I and Stage II. The second category is referred to as the Advanced Stage Prostrate Cancer Treatments and these are administered in Stage III and Stage IV.

Early Stage Prostrate Cancer Treatments

Surgery- Prostatectomy refers to the surgical removal of the prostrate gland. Patients can go for the traditional open surgery or the new, less invasive laparoscopic approach.

Robotic surgery It is the latest development in prostrate cancer treatment and is very effective. It is based on the da Vinci System and preserves nerves, muscles, and other structures in the prostrate area.

Radiation Therapy- It is administered to kill the cancerous cells in the prostrate. The treatment is usually administered over a period of several weeks. There are certain side effects related to radiation therapy for prostrate cancer treatment and you should discuss them with your physician.

Cryosurgery- It is a new technique which is still under evaluation. Cryosurgery is done under anesthesia. Cooling probes are guided into the prostrate with the help of ultrasound. Once there these cooling probes freeze the cancerous cells, thereby killing them.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)- This is also carried out under anesthesia. During HIFU a probe is placed into the prostrate gland through the rectum. Then a high intensity focused ultrasound beam is used to raise the temperature in the concerned area, thereby killing the cancerous cells.

Late Stage Prostrate Cancer Treatments

In the late stages doctors usually recommend Orchiectomy, surgical removal of the testicles. This is done to remove the main source of testosterone, which are said to help the cancerous cells. Doctors also recommend radiation and chemotherapy when hormone therapy proves to be ineffective.

Whatever is the stage of cancer, it is important to discuss all the treatment options with your physician. Learn about the disadvantages and advantages associated with all the treatments so that you can make a sound decision regarding your health.

Before taking any treatment, you have to make sure that you know all the procedures and do one that is most appropriate for your condition. Any and all concerns must be spoken out. Remember that you are dealing with your life here, so it is certainly not the time to be shy. By all means, consult with your doctor, and ask questions whenever necessary.

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