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Millions of women are affected with breast cancer all around the world. Breast cancer is growing like an epidemic and is predicted that 45,000 patients will die from breast cancer, this year. If you feel a solid lump in your breast, you must visit a specialist for consultation.

Breast cancer symptom:
Breast cancer in its early stages does not cause any pain. Unfortunately, in early stages when breast cancer develops, it does not show any breast cancer symptom. But as it grows, it can cause remarkable changes, which a woman should note.

Breast cancer symptoms include thickening or lump near or in the breast, change in the shape or size of the affected breast, tenderness of nipple or nipple discharge, inversion of nipple into the breast, pitting or ridges of the breast, skin of the breast appears warm, red, swollen and scaly. A woman should visit her doctor if she persists with any breast cancer symptom.
Specialists diagnose breast cancer by any of the following examinations:
palpation, mammography, ultrasonography, fine needle aspiration, needle biopsy or surgical biopsy.

Breast cancer treatment:
Breast cancer treatment options depend on location and size of the tumor in her breast.
Various methods of breast cancer treatment
Breast cancer treatments can be systemic or local. Radiation therapy and Surgery are the local breast cancer treatments. Local breast cancer treatments are used to destroy, remove, or control the growth of cancer cells.

Hormonal therapy and Chemotherapy are systemic treatments. Systemic treatments are targeted to control or destroy cancer cells all over the body. Different forms of breast cancer treatment can be prescribed at the same time or one after other.

Surgery is one of the most common breast cancer treatments. Many types of surgical interventions may be used. A surgical intervention to remove breast is called a mastectomy. An operation carried out to remove the cancer cells without affecting the size of breast is called breast conserving surgery or breast sparing.
Radiation therapy or radiotherapy:
Under this breast cancer treatment specialists use high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing.

Chemotherapeutic breast cancer treatment:
specialists use different types of drugs or combination of different drugs to kill cancerous cells or stop them from growing. Drugs are given in cycles; a treatment period is followed by a recovery period that is again followed by another breast cancer treatment.
Hormonal therapy for breast cancer treatment is used to stop the growth of cancerous cells that affect the female hormones. This breast cancer treatment may include use of medicines, which change the way hormones work or surgery to remove the ovaries that produce female hormones.

Breast cancer treatment decisions are complex. The decisions are usually affected by the stage of the disease, judgment of the doctors and the consent of the patients.

Breast cancer pictures can be found on various websites and in medical books. These breast cancer pictures can be helpful to make the patient’s know about their cancer stage and the possible remedy if any..

Funds are arranged through various programs like breast cancer walk to spread breast cancer information among the affected and suspected people and to give them moral and economic support as well.

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