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When it comes to medical schools in the USA they can now be classified under two categories. There are those schools which concentrate on the research side and those schools which focus all their attention on teaching their students about primary care matters. However when it comes to choosing which is the best medical school can be very difficult to achieve as some have a much higher reputation than others. For example you could say that Harvard is the best, but this is probably world wide this is the most well known.

But even if we were to put together a definitive list of what are the best and worst medical schools in the USA today. It does not mean that a student which to attend them can just apply for admission to get in to carry out their studies. Unfortunately if a medical school ranks highly then their requirement standards will be much higher. Often such schools will expect those applying to them to have a better Grade Point Average (GPA) as well as they will want their potential enrollees to sit a much more difficult MCAT (Medical School Admissions Test). But there are also other factors a student will need to take into when applying to such a good medical school as the school in question will look at where the student actually resides and how well their essay that they need to complete as part of their application was written.

Although certainly there are a number of advantages to be gained from attending and studying at one of the best medical schools in the USA. Certainly the degree you obtain from this type of school will help in obtaining a better position and often those students who rank highly at such an institute will find themselves being rewarded a much better residency position at some of the best medical establishments in the country today. You can read more free advice on medical school acceptance at

When it comes to looking for the best medical school in relation to research studies and training there are a number of different ones that a student can consider. These are namely Harvard University, Duke University, John Hopkins University along with the University of California San Francisco. Whilst Oregon Health & Science University and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine are considered to be some of the best schools that provide students with excellent training relating to primary care matters.

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