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Well, the day you buy a car is absolutely a very good day and so you should celebrate it. Other than, if you are in desperate need for a new car as your old one has broken down terribly or simply if you want to commemorate a special day by purchasing or simply presenting a car to a person special, then you certainly know what the best time is. Having said that, if you are a casual customer who would wish to save some money by acting wisely then this post will give you some pointers on the best time to buy new and used cars.
Best time of the month: At the month end, most dealers are desperately trying to meet their monthly goals. Hence this is the time, when most dealers are offering rebates plus special incentives to buyers. When you are really lucky, you can find very good bargains, if your sale helps the dealer to meet a target that provides him special offers.
Right time of the year - If you'd like to know the best time of the yr for getting car, then end of the year, that's during the holidays in November and December is the best time period. At the moment, almost all people are busy buying or maybe a holidaying other than the weather is snowy in lots of region, these things push the car sales down. Furthermore, many carmakers making the effort to fulfill their sales target, thus at the end of the year most carmakers offer several bonuses as well as discounts to lure the buyer, which makes it the most beneficial time to purchase a brand new vehicle.
Inventory clearance - New models are typically launched at the September which means well before September lots of companies might try to get rid of the old models through offering big deals. However, if for some reason, the company announces the launch of a new model in June, you are going to get discounts on the old model of the car starting from May.
Best season to get new cars - In certain sections of the car, season may additionally have an effect on the price of the car. As an example, if you want to buy a convertible, then you may be able to get a price advantage in fall and not in spring as most people would be looking for a convertible at that time.
Best time to buy pre-owned cars - Unlike new car, there isn't any clearly defined best time to purchase second hand car. Prices of pre-owned cars are determined by the basis of supply and demand. In case the car has a high demand although low supply, it will command a heavy price. The best way to get price benefit on purchasing used car is to get a car that is in good supply so you can negotiate far better.

Thus there are numerous factors and seasons that determine the best time of shopping for a car, however, a good idea is that you use your own judgment to figure out the perfect time for you to purchase a car. When you are in need of a car, shop for it as soon as possible as the price of the car keep on fluctuating simply because of various factors, who knows that wait may not actually pay off. Therefore buy a car whenever you desire, try to negotiate as much as possible, but at the end of the deal always be happy since it is the car you need to enjoy not the deal.for more information about visit. used cars in az.

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