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Think you have what it takes to compete with the top rally drivers in the UK? Could you handle a car on the toughest dirt tracks, travel at breath-taking speeds and finish a stage in record-breaking time? Spend time at a Rally School and thatís not such a pipe dream. A Rally School could teach you essential driving skills that make you a formidable driver in the future. Try a Rally Driving Experience and itíll give you a taste of what itís like to handle a car at high speed. This is no-frills fun. Strapped into your car youíll hit 60 in less than four seconds and be grinning from ear to ear at the same time. Itís fast, itís furious and time spent at a Rally School is a whole heap of fun.

Buckle up at a Rally School and you are guaranteed a day filled with non-stop action. Youíll learn to drift and shift at a Rally School as you power your way around the course. Slide and spin, twist and turn, itís a world of new adventures on a Rally Driving Experience and when you hit that sweet spot and power-slide your way around a bend youíll know you have finally arrived. Learn great car control, push your skills to the limit and enjoy thrill-a-minute sessions at a Rally School where you can drive as fast you like. This isnít for the feint-heated. Youíll hit blistering speeds on a Rally Driving Experience but thatís all part of the adrenaline-packed experience.

Get together with a group of pals at a Rally School and you can settle a few old scores. Find out who has the best throttle response on a Rally Driving Experience and see who has the skills to out-perform other drivers at the Rally School. It takes skill, determination and a whole heap of bravery to achieve the ultimate accolades at a Rally School. You are taught by some of the best drivers in the business and once you have experienced life at a Rally School youíll be begging for more. Rally experiences are perfect for individuals, ideal for group bookings and you can book them at www.forsterracingschool.co.uk.
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