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Social media popularity in UK means different things to different people. To the young, Facebook happens to be the hottest place for connecting and keeping touch with friends and colleagues.
Then there are factions who eulogize social media as a popularity barometer, where the numbers of friends, likes, fans, followers, shares—all count big. And these aren't just teen groups alone, but brands and corporate bigwigs too.
Going ahead of the curve is a third faction, which has made a dramatic social presence over the years. This is: the gray-haired population on the other side of fifty. According to research firm Nielsen, Facebook usage among over-50s in the UK scaled up faster than any other.
And interestingly, it’s not Facebook alone--even Twitter has seen a similar trend, except that unlike Facebook, younger users seem to wander off Twitter after a while.
While it may sound overwhelming, may be a shade over the top, but social media advertisers, including Facebook and Twitter marketers are all eyes over this group. Their hunch: over-50s make better conversions.
The Social Media Breakdown
Facebook accounts for 55% of all UK social networking visits, almost three times as many as the next most popular social network, YouTube. Twitter one of the fastest growing and most talked about websites of the last two years, is now the third most popular social network in the UK, putting it ahead of former favorites such as Bebo and MySpace.

Social media is about people. It is not meant to be a numbers game. It never was. Facebook and Twitter opened up internet marketing to social engagements, relationship building, and real-time customer care. But somehow, numbers have their own fascination.
But social media can never be exactly represented in numbers.
To stress the point further, lets take up London Olympics—the mega-event 2012. NBC made a deal with Facebook where the social media site will put up a dedicated Olympics page with real-time updates--news, results, photo galleries, trivia and polls.
The clincher is that this deal is totally off any commercial bindings--there is no money changing hands. NBC shall cover Olympics and dedicate a segment to Facebook. Why?
Because social media is every man’s news feed, entertainment, gossip, and…engagement. To press on this fact, just look around how many businesses use social media on their business page with stuff like ‘Find us on Facebook’ or ‘Like us’ or ‘Follow us’ on Twitter. What does this say?
Social media is here to stay!
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