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Jibankrishna(Diamond) the universal man and his eternal sayings

Chapter - 23
Initiation of a new era

March 5, 1959.
How many times I have told you that the individualistic austerity is self – created. God reveals here as far the conception goes, and so there will be anomalies. What I have told you about my individualistic austerity? Step by step I had spontaneous austerity in my life. But I have discarded all these, even visualization of God as because these are all prejudiced.

See, from time immemorial mankind wanted to know about God. Though a few of them have realized and conceived God, yet nobody could prove that God is in living human form. Though Vedas have given a little bit hints, yet due to lack of proof, Sankhya made comments that there is no proof of God. Even in recent days Rabindranath Tagore has mentioned, ‘The human race are worshipping that man in various names.’ But why they are worshipping in different names? It is because they did not know or visualize God. So this phenomenon has established a new era throwing away all the past anomalies of the religious world.
The whole human race is enveloped by a divine conscious and that conscious is the form of a human being. ‘In the beginning there was self alone in the shape of a living person’ (Upanishad) and you are bearing this proof.

The form of a living human being is the entity of full consciousness
On 5th March, 1959, Diamond said:
See, almost everything in individualistic austerity is self-created. The seer knows his maximum achievement as Brahma. So these are all self-exertion and for this reason there will be anomalies.
What I have told you about my individualistic austerity? Everything, even up to visualization of Atma or Soul or God’s Light. I have discarded because these are prejudices.

See, human race desired for Brahma (Supreme Being). Though they had revelations, achieved a bit concept and though understood it to some extent, ‘Sankhya’ wrote ‘There is no God due to lack of proof.’ And in recent years Rabindranath Tagore wrote, ‘Man worshiped that supernatural man in different names.’ Why they have worshiped? Because they couldn’t know him, see him. But what has happened now? This phenomenon has thrown out all the past anomalies and established a new age with full proof.

All human beings are the entities of a full divine consciousness and that consciousness is the form of a living human being. ‘In the beginning there was self alone in the shape of a living person’ (Upanishad). So a ‘full form’ does not mean a void or infinity. You have proved that it is the form of a living man seeing within you.

What are Vedas
On 6th March, 1959, Diamond said :
See, do you know what are Vedas? The archive of the revelations of the Rishis(Sages). Somewhere the ultimate results of those revelations are also described and somewhere the revelations are not mentioned. They have only mentioned the effects. Whatever it is, Vedas are termed as super-human creation. In the Vedas it is mentioned that ‘Brahma’ or Supreme Being is the form of Bliss. In the world history this is the first to prove that Brahma is a living man and that Brahma exists both outside and inside. And this truth of Vedas has revealed within you spontaneously.
Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik
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