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   In present time call center industry is being popular and is a growing in industry in India. Big global companies prefer to outsource call center service to India because India provide better services and at to in cheaper rates. It saves hidden cost like training, overheads and saves infrastructure cost which can eat up your investment.

   India has more than more than 1500 outsourcing firms and biggest feature of call center is of outsourcing in India is that as it has a large number of manpower which is educated and is fluent in English and other languages and people here work for lesser salary than compare to other countries India has been named as popular and trustworthy outsourcing hubs thanks to low business risks, higher competency and low infrastructure costs.

Outsource call center to India because of:
   It is also beneficial in terms of making more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources. Indian Tele caller are highly fluent in the English language. Specialized services provided by Indian call centers – call center in India offers specialized services like inbound call center, outbound call center, call center telemarketing, email support service, CATI services, chat support services, technical help desk, etc. The Tele-sales team can help you to generate qualified leads, setting and scheduling appointments with them and thus, ensuring good leads in the process. Outsourcing company in India is fully equipped with latest IT and communication tools to provide sound quality services.

Call center in India provide services under two sections:
   1) Inbound call center services
   2) Outbound call center services

    Outbound call center: These outbound telemarketing services of call center can bring awareness about your product and increase its visibility in the market.

   Inbound call center: In this process people call for any information about the product services or query

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