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   How does one search for God of one’s dreams? The God that will solve all your problems, give you peace of mind and also keep you safe and secure. How do you find and approach Him for spiritual healing? Or how does a sinner look for salvation?

   One looks for God at all sorts of places, in organized religions, in traditions and rituals and in teachings of spiritual masters. You look for Him in Christian quotes and try to find Him through spiritual coaching. Try as much as you may, God is not to be found outside; He is within. Search of God is a personal journey. It is a search whose end is prescribed by your imagination and awakening of the deepest feelings in the innermost compartment of your soul.

   You can search for God together and you can also share your thoughts with others. You can seek guidance from a spiritual guru but each one of you must discover your faith in God in your own way. In the end, it is a search for a personal God and you must determine for yourself what He means to you and establish a personal relationship with God.
   All that you have to do is to create a relationship with God is to realize that He is always with you; you do not have to search for God but accept his presence. Accept His presence and you get peace of mind, self esteem and the inspiration to go on with your life. Simply feel His grace and accept that you are in His presence. Once you are able to, you will realize that you have only to ask and it shall be given to you.

   That is all very easily said but where are the motivators, the positive motivational influence, that help us to believe and accept His presence. Finding motivational speakers with proven abilities is one way. A good motivational speaker has the ability instill in you the internal energy that determines all the aspects of your future behavior. However, that requires a very receptive mind and a sharp memory.

  An inspirational book on the other hand is always with you. It is like a Bible at your bedside drawer, always there for you whenever you need it.

   Reverend Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an Educator, Life Strategist. Motivational speaker and spiritual coach all rolled in one. Dr. Dee is Ph. D in Metaphysical Psychology specializing in Holistic Life and Spiritual Counseling, an ordained minister and founder and Spiritual Director of Healing Center of Christ International and of Life Empowerment, Inc. She is a firm believer and proponent of Oneness Consciousness as a healing strategy.
   Dr. Dee has written a book, ‘You Are Enough’ with the specific purpose of spiritual coaching for people to connect with the God of their dreams, the Master, the Creator. ‘You Are Enough’ helps readers to personally experience His presence and create a special personal relationship with God. It teaches you the power of prayer and meditation and takes you to the next level of higher consciousness and manifestation.

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