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Some people make firm goals, write them down, and deliberately set out to achieve them.  According to a Yale University study this is only about 3% of the population!  The rest never set any real goals for themselves.  Oh, they may have hopes, dreams and aspirations but do they actually DO anything about them? 

We never arrive at our goals by hoping and dreaming, or even by planning alone. The only thing that will get us there is ACTION. 

Handwriting shows not only where the plans are, but also the potential for action – or inaction! 

People with great aspirations cross their lower case “t”s high.  People with moderate, realistic, practical goals cross their “t”s in the middle of the t-stem.  Low crossed “t”s indicate someone who, although he may become extremely successful in time, prefers just to aim at one step at a time.  Very low t-bars, those below the level of the tops of the lower case letters, indicate someone who really doesn’t expect to succeed. 

This outlook alone affects what we aim for, and ultimately, our chances of success.  But as the saying goes “if you aim for the moon and miss, at least you’ll land amongst the stars.”  By aiming high, your chances for success increase. 

But you have to DO something.  Action is the success in motion part of planning.  Again, potential for action shows in t-bars, but not in their height.  How strong and heavy are they?   

Think of an elephant pushing though obstacles.  Now think of a kitten trying to push through the same.  Obviously the force of an elephant can push through a much greater physical obstacle than the force of a kitten. 

This is how it works with the heaviness of t-bars.  The heavier the t-bar, the more drive is involved in getting started on goal achievement.  The lighter the t-bars, the less force and drive is present.  Watch someone who writes with forceful t-bars get started on a project they believe in.  They are the “movers and shakers” – you can just feel their drive. 

Conversely, listen to the hopes and dreams of a very light t-bar write, and then sit back, have a cup of coffee and wait.  It would probably be best to stick to decaffeinated coffee – you’re probably there for a while.  Light t-bar writers often need a good push from behind to translate plans into action. 

The elephant and kitten comparison also works for ability to keep going, once started.  For this we look at the lower extenders – that is g, y, j where they extend below the baseline.  Only look at the stroke as it goes downwards, for now.  Is the downstroke the “elephant” pushing ahead with strength (heavy and strong) or is it the timid, gentle kitten only progressing where there is no resistance (light and weak)? 

The heavy strong downstroke is strong determination, the light is weak determination.  Obviously there is also moderate strength for both t-bar and downstroke. 

So are you a mover and a shaker?  Do you set high goals, take action and push through with determination? 

If not, try putting some pressure behind high t-bars, and lower extenders. Keep at it till it becomes natural – and watch how your success grows!

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Article By: Fiona MacKay Young

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