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When we say free written prophecy, it is very interesting and convincing to follow where we can get it. By joining the Prophetic Ministries, we can have the opportunity to receive a free written prophecy. We desire to get free written prophecy because we know that it would be our inspiration especially when we know that we are going to have upcoming good news that will happen to our lives. If we understand the meaning of prophecy it would be vital gifts we can have for free.
It is important to receive free written prophecy because the moment we receive it we would have answers to most of your questions in life. Once you discover your free prophecy, you will discover who you are and what are the gifts waits for you. What are the possibilities that will happen to your life, which dreams you may exceed what problem you may have. Are you going to win or defeat, are you going to accomplish your goals or failed to it. You may also predict if you will get more income from your business or you should rearrange your schedules for perfect results to your objectives.

Many things around us would happen but without guidance by the power of prophecy can bring all this things into unwanted results. Prophets are ready to reveal your prophetic gifts for you so you may enrich your beliefs in prophecy and do something about it. You may now decide belonging to the company of prophets and get your free written prophecy and see how it works to your whole life. Receive free written prophecy regularly so you may also renew what you have or have not received previously.

Another reason why you should receive free prophecy is that you not need to consult with Psychic. The Psychic has no power or ability to change the series of negative events in your life. A Tarot card reading will only leave you knowing that the person on the other end of the phone sees the same misfortune that you see ahead in your future for you.
Another thing why you should receive free prophecy? So you would not get deceptive thoughts that have been built up by error. You would not experience any misrepresentations of deceptive religious thoughts. You would easily identify false prophets as they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. When you are in the power of prophecy you may reject a person that pretends to be a prophet for personal gains. You will be more aware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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