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Prayer works by the power of the Holy Spirit. God want us to pray because he loves us. He will not ask us to pray if he didn't mean it to answer. All our prayers already been answered before him, just to have faith in Him.

Prayer constantly works in our daily life. God never ever missed to answer our it because our God is a powerful God. He perfectly makes it effective and truly working to those who believes in him. Just call onto Him and let it be done without worries and fear.

Even it is a prayer request or thanksgiving, He definitely hears us as long as we know whom we pray, and only bring up his almighty name. Prayer works because God is a living God. He has ears to hear and eyes to see all our situations. God already proven this because of its history. History may enlighten us how prayer is the most effective way.
God is really not changing; He is not rejecting us from his Kingdom. Continue pray and give praise to him that He may open his doors. God is pleased when we do praise and worship through our prayers. We are blessed because there is a way called “prayer” and it is prayer that faithfully works. Prayers that are designed to be answered by God and giving the privilege to converse with Him.

Prayer works because it was design by God. He made it with corresponding answer according to his will, especially for those who have faith in him. Prayers work as He loves us. He said, “Ask and it will be granted. His word is true and strong and that is prayer. Prayer that never failed to be answered, prayer that is never been failed to be possible.
Prayer works when your prayers are direct and specific. We should know to whom we pray. It works when you recognize the Lord God by name in your prayer. It is because the God we pray to is not dead. He is alive; He is not made by man’s hands.

Prayer works because the Lord Jesus Christ has eyes to see and does see and know that my petitions are needed. Prayer works because the Lord Jesus Christ has ears to hear and he hears when we pray. It works because prayer it is a vehicle of communication between the Lord and His Church. It works because when you pray to the Lord Jesus Christ it shows the demons of the world whom you worship and serve. Prayer works because it glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ who gets our worship and it works because the LORD never changes.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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