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Would you like to receive the magic of love? Are you willing to give it? Try this: For one day, consciously make an effort to be loving or kind to everyone you see, with no expectations of receiving anything in return.

For example, compliment, acknowledge, or smile at people at work, home, on the street, and in the stores. Notice how you feel at the end of the day. Your heart will probably feel warmer and bigger. The loving action can make their day as well as yours. It is likely that the people you touch with the magic of love will pass it on to others. You will never know for sure how many people's lives you have touched with these simple, free, kind acts. Just trust that you are making a difference.

It worked for my client Jerry, a thirty-six-year-old computer engineer. He was surprised when I suggested that he try the experiment. The lonely, single man was complaining to me that people are so mean and nasty. Obviously, Jerry had low self-esteem and poor relationship skills.

I said, "Jerry, are you willing to go to work tomorrow with a smile, and acknowledge and compliment people? I do not mean to make up remarks. Just look for something true and positive to say to your boss and co-workers. Notice how you feel and how they respond."

The following week, Jerry walked into my office with a smile on his face. That was the first time I saw that happy expression since his first counseling session. As soon as he sat down, Jerry exclaimed, "It worked, Helene! It was amazing! I did what you suggested and everyone responded back in a positive way. The whole office felt different, and now I look forward to going to work. That is a miracle!"

I congratulated Jerry for offering the magic of love, and acknowledged his courage and progress. This seemed to be a turning point in his life. I continued to help him feel good about himself with the HART process (Holistic And Rapid Transformation), and improve his communication skills. Before long, he started to date and enjoy social activities.

I have also had great success with the magic of love. When I lived in the country, I used to take regular walks on the dirt road. I smiled and thought the words "Bless you" as I waved at every car that drove by. Almost everyone responded by sending me back a warm smile and wave. It felt so good to spread caring. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone realized the importance of and took the time to spread the magic of love.

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©2007 Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, is a Marriage, Family Therapist, intuitive counselor, speaker, and author. The article is excerpts from her new book, "ALL YOU NEED IS HART!" A unique guide to Holistic And Rapid Transformation. She offers phone sessions, books, e-books, MP3 audios, and a free newsletter. , 1-888-639-6390.

Article By: Helene Rothschild

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