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“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” said Martin Luther King about the relationship of a husband and wife. Relationship between a husband and wife is based on mutual trust and respecting not only each other but choices and likings of the better half also. Women generally do make-up, try a different hair style or wear a new dress to please their husband but women of today want their husband to also do something for them.

Here are a few tips for men to be a good husband:
•     Give respect to her ideas: your wife would love this when you’ll ask her opinion on something.
•     Cook for her: once a week or fortnight cook a nice meal for you two. This is a very nice way of showing her that you love her.
•     Help her in household chores: leave that manly ego aside and help her in her daily chores. Try to do little things like setting dining table, helping in cleaning utensils, arranging things.

•     Respect her family too: since ages it has been a duty to woman to give respect to her husband’s family but what about her family. They are your in laws also so never make face when they come to stay with you.
•     Never insult her in front of others: you are the head of the family, it’s your duty to take care of every body’s respect. If your wife has done something wrong or inappropriate then take her in privacy and discuss matter with her calmly.
•     Get ready for her: try something new to please your wife. Visit the nearby saloon, have a facial, different hair style and look good for her. There are many men’s beauty tips to groom you.
•     Give her some space: your wife also has a life of her own; she can’t be around you 24*7. Give her some time off, let her visit her family or go out with her friends once in a while.
•     Surprise her: women love surprises and gifts. Plan a trip to her favorite spot, gift her favorite perfume, or a nice piece of jewelry.
•     Be her friend: she has left everything for you, her friends, family and her house so it’s your duty to treat her well and listen to her like a friend does.
•     Marriage is not all about sex: if she is not willing to be physical with you then do not burden her with your wish. Just be calm and composed keeping aside your manly ego. Your supporting nature will bring her close to you.

Flatter her with your beauty and please her. Remember that turmeric paste you applied at the time of your marriage, well that can also give you a very nice complexion. Turmeric is very good for your skin and including it in the beauty regime will benefit you.
•     Just apply a mixture of turmeric, besan and pure milk; it will help you to reduce pigmentation.
•     For removing those fine lines, use a mixture of honey and turmeric. Apply it, keep for 20 minutes and then wash it off with Luke warm water.
•     Use beauty products containing turmeric as a basic ingredient.
Include turmeric in your daily regime and then you will be surprised to see how this yellow thing adds color to your life and relationship making it vibrant and lively.

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