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What is the Importance of Prophecy?
Free prophecy is important because we are commanded by God to listen to His prophecy. We are blessed while in the midst in the reading, hearing and obeying of prophecy because we are getting advance good news from God’s Prophecy which provides evidence by the power of scriptures.

The ultimate importance of free prophecy is that the prophecies teaching concerning God. Without prophecy, history becomes eternal and worthless. Through prophecy, history becomes God worship resulting in the ultimate victory of God. Free prophecy proves the grace of God. Prophecy motivates the church members to share the prophetic message to the world. Prophecy has the urgency to reach the lost people from Gods’ will.

Prophecy brings positive results to every one’s life. When you are accepting God’s prophecy you are blessed.
Through prophecy we began to know about salvations. Free prophecy challenges the believer to be more watchful, faithful, comfort, courage, confident, sincere, obedient, diligent, separated from sin and temptation. People become God fearing, pure and begin to repent from transgression.

Get your free written prophecy.

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