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Relationships are not always perfect. Some way or the other, problems do arise. Especially when two person of different mindset live together then they tend to enter into an argument. If you are also suffering from relationship problems then all you need is patience. Relax and take note of these tips to solve the issue:
•     Give time to your relationship: being busy in office will only make the problems worse. Take some time off, go out on dinner, and spend time together. Go on honeymoon again as newlyweds or just simply go out on a date.

Key is to forget all the worries of life and remember you are together.
•     Talk that talk: communication problem between couples is the worst problem. If you feel something needs to be resolved between you two, talk it out. Without talking about the problem and without considering each other’s views about it, how can you say he or she doesn’t care?
•     Getting through conflict: Some couples talk things out quietly, while others may raise their voices and passionately disagree. You need to create safe environment to express things that bother any of you without fear of retaliation, and be able to resolve conflict without humiliation, degradation or insisting on being right.

•     Don’t expect too much: he or she is not a character from any romantic movie. They are humans. Do not expect too much from them. If you are giving time to your relationship and he or she is not able to then don’t argue over it or think he or she doesn’t love you. They may have some problem in office or they are just not romantic enough like you.
•      Be sensitive to what your spouse likes: touch is the basis of any relationship. But first find out what they exactly like and don’t like.
•     Make yourself tempting to your spouse: over a period of time in relationships, people start taking each other for granted. Some even try to look that passion out of marriage. Rekindle that love again; tempt your spouse to touch you. There are many men’s and women’s beauty tips available to beautify yourself for your spouse. Buy a new outfit of your spouse’s choice, do a little make up, apply his or hers favorite perfume and then you’ll notice how much attention you get from your partner.
Common cold in some weather spread very easily. It can also affect your better half.

Follow these home remedies to cure that cold:
•     To get rid of cold, Lemon and honey mixed in warm water can be consumed twice a day. The high concentration of vitamin C improves the resistance of the body, lowers the toxic nature of the infection, and reduces the duration of the cold.
•     Cloves of garlic, boiled in water and consumed as a soup, provide relief from the symptoms of a cold. The antiseptic and antispasmodic nature of garlic mitigates the discomfort. The oil contained in the garlic is also beneficial in opening up the airways, thus facilitating better respiration.

•     The anti-inflammatory properties of this turmeric can help ease the symptoms of a cold and rejuvenate the infected person. It is best to consume a hot glass of turmeric and ginger mixed in milk, before retiring for the night.
•      Ginger tea, mixed with honey and drunk hot, provides soothing relief to the throat and clears the feeling of heavy headedness.
•      A runny nose is a common symptom associated with a cold. To tackle a running nose, eucalyptus oil can be added to steaming water and inhaled. This helps loosen the secretions, thus enhancing the discharge through your nose.
•     Steam inhalation is an effective home remedy for coughing and headaches that mitigates the intensity of the pain. The headaches associated with a cold are typically because of congestion. The vapors inhaled cause a discharge of the mucus, helping clear congestion.
The writer of this article is associated with and writing about the various diseases since a long time, in this article the writer mainly focused on the Relationship Problems and Men’s Beauty Tips and at advising about various experienced Home Remedies For Cold that will be very helpful for the patient.

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