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Are you a person with sacred heart? How will you empower your strength living in this unsafe world? Now, this is the time for you to understand if you are receiving the Holy Spirit through the power of the Lord, God.

God pour the Holy Spirit to all his men but most of us neglected it as part of our belief. You should understand that the Spirit himself is God's great gift to all believers. As God send upon us, we are all to receive the power of it. For instance, we can produce children, but the Holy Spirit gives new life from heaven.

The Holy spirits will come true upon you, receive the power and begin to tell people the good news from God. Spread His word and it will bring you to God's Kingdom. Enrich everyone's life by sharing his powerful message that will help people in their spiritual life. That is a very huge thing you can give to your fellow men, to bring them into the path where they can begin to know God and continue cherish the moment of listening to God’s word while they are in the warm of attending some fellowships. Let the Holy Spirit moves into their life now that they already begin to search God. Don't refuse to receive it, let it flow by the power of God. It is important that we live connected with it and have relationship with it. Sometimes we miss out because of fear and worries. We didn't realize how it works in our daily lives. The outcome is that feeling apart and disconnected with God.
Receiving the Holy Spirit does many things for us to live in God's victory over sin and evil. When we live with God's desire, we are in the right path and will never encounter any trouble. It enables us to live with guidance and in all truth. It leads us to righteousness and comfortable living. It is a source of new life.
How will you stay connected with the Holy Spirit? Continue getting rid out of your old beliefs and principles. Instead, discover your new spiritual life. Don’t let other be a hindrance, you should be the one to make influence in order for them to continue with God. Read bibles and attend bible study. In that way you will be strengthen and become knowledgeable about God and his scriptures, and practice a daily prayer. Call onto the Holy Spirit to guide you in your prayer. Surrender all your worries and fears. You must trust the power of his action to help you in receiving the Holy Spirit.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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