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Oh Holy Spirit of wisdom and understanding enlightens us into righteous way and serves as guidance in this unsafe world.

Holy Spirit which has a good discernment to all things around us sends us your courage to help us take away from trouble. Send us your justice and mercy in our daily living. Oh Holy Spirit helps us to solve our poverty and adversities. Keep us away from problems; it may be in our self, our family, in our community or in our country. Holy Spirit, give us has the ability to take away falling from sin.

Holy Spirit, increase our faith to God, makes us more obedient and God fearing. Holy Spirit, raise us from evil to holiness and lead us not into temptation but will lead us into an eternal life with God.
Your works is amazing. Your actions are credible. You are powerful and reveal truths. You are the God’s gift to us. You are our shelter and comfort. You are our channel of all God’s desire for us. You are fair and flexible.

We thank you for your unconditional love to us. We thank you for your everlasting help and concerns. We praise you as you are God, the living God in our heart. Our hearts is full of love for you made us more loving, understanding and enlighten to more knowledge about God our father.

Oh Holy Spirit continues to bear with us always. We depend on you in order for us to be more careful in this tricky world. Let us live in God’s desire for us getting to salvation.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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