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Personal prophecy is described as “specific information coming from the mind of God for a specific situation, an inspired word directed to a certain audience”. It brings inspiration to people’s lives. Everyone needs clarity on how their future would be very inspirational in or order for them to live in prophetic living. When people realized how it was good living in the world of prophecy, they are going to experience everlasting blessings and graces from God.

In order for us to receive your prophecy, we must believe in the power of it and in the prophets where we need to be connected and have consistent searching for them. We must belong to Prophetic Ministries and that we may experience that we are being part of the ministry.

Personal Prophecy is the specific will of the Lord to different areas of your life that you receives and accepts. Your heart must be prepared to receive it, evaluate it and think of how you may act on it. Enrich and help yourself about your spiritual status and meditate on what the things are needed for you to be more committed to God. Submit your commitment, your personal commitment to God as well as the relationship will be a huge affection to your personal prophecy in life.It will make you realize your dreams as well as your potentials in fulfilling it.
Behold on what you believe on your talents so you may act freely accomplishing towards your dreams without any hindrance crossing on your path. That’s why you also have to know and understand the relevance of the power of your personal prophecy and what it would makes to your dreams and to your potentials in doing so.
When a person receives his personal prophecy, secrets from the heart rest stripped. There are profound changes in life. But many people who has just heard about God after many years but have not been commit themselves and when they do experience and witness God power of prophecy, life did changed and turns into more victorious directions.
Your personal prophecy maybe revealed personally pertaining to yourself, towards your partner in life, your family, your career at your present work, your community related activities, your relationship with your friends, concerning your upcoming new real estate or house, new owned business, travel abroad, financial breakthrough, financial scarcity, administrative cases, debts, etc.. It may be concerning your behaviour, impulsive decisions, and future dreams that you think you would want to happen to your life.

But you would not be able to go through all of this without believing in the power of yourself and your relationship with God and your beliefs in the power of his prophecy personally designed for you.

Get your personal prophecy.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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