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There are many different hypnotic modalities that are used to reach the unconscious mind to invoke change. Each method has its good points and its bad points. No two people are the same, so it makes sense that the best results will be obtained by utilizing the methods that each individual will react favorably to.

Most companies that sell hypnosis CD's and tapes offer CD's that consist of standard traditional hypnosis methods. A few sellers offer much more current and effective Ericksonian hypnosis techniques. And fewer still offer NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

The most effective methodology is video hypnosis. Video hypnosis relies on the latest Neuro-Linguistic Programming mind patterns to trigger instant change in a person. Video hypnosis techniques are not subliminal in nature.

With "Traditional Hypnosis," we simply make direct suggestions to the unconscious mind. This type of hypnosis works well for a person who generally accepts what he/she is told without questioning everything. Most hypnosis CD's that are sold today are based on "Traditional Hypnosis" methodologies. Unfortunately Traditional Hypnotherapy is not very efficient for people who are analytical in their thinking processes.

By contrast, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques work far for most individuals in today's generation! This is because today people are taught to analyze everything, rather than just follow the flock. So these methodologies do work effectively on people who are analytical in their thinking processes. Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP are much more effective at reaching and influencing the unconscious mind. However, it can take years of training and experience to learn how to apply these techniques with success.

With "Ericksonian Hypnosis," we use little stories, called metaphors, to present suggestions to the unconscious mind. This is a powerful and effective course, because it usually eliminates the resistance to suggestions that is often caused by the conscious mind. There are two types of metaphors, "Isomorphic," and those of the imbedded command or "interspersal" nature.

With "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP), rather than using suggestions, we use the same thought processes that are creating a problem, like insomnia, to get rid of the symptom. NLP in the hands of a trained hypnotherapist can be very effective.
NLP Anchoring: Have you ever heard an old song and had it remind you of feelings from the past? When you originally listened to the song, you were experiencing those feelings, and they subconsciously became attached to the sound of the song. So the music became an Anchor for the feelings. Now when you hear the song, it triggers the same feelings again.

Anchoring can be a very effective method. Suppose that you have a memory of being commended for having done something well in the past. If you revivify that memory, you'll be able to recreate the feelings of self-esteem that you had at that time. If you touch two fingers together while you re-experience those feelings of self-esteem, that touch will become an anchor for the feelings of self-esteem.

Now suppose that you want to create motivation to stick to a diet and lose weight. If you make a mental image of yourself with a thin, sexy body, and simultaneously trigger the anchor - (press the two fingers together again), your unconscious mind will connect the feelings of self-esteem to the image of you with the thin body and your level of motivation to lose weight will increase dramatically.

NLP Flash: This is a very powerful NLP technique that can be used to turn things around in the unconscious mind, so that thoughts and experiences that used to trigger feelings of stress actually trigger relaxation instead.

The NLP Flash technique is also extremely effective for extinguishing conditioned responses. For example: If a smoker has a cigarette while watching TV, his/her unconscious mind will pair the two behaviors together so that he/she automatically gets a powerful craving for a cigarette anytime he/she watches TV. The Flash will cause the smoker's mind to disconnect the image of a cigarette from the TV so that he/she does NOT get an urge to smoke just because he/she is watching TV.

With "Subliminal" recordings, the recording has two tracks. One track contains a cover sound that is heard by the conscious mind. The cover sound could be anything from music to the sound of a bubbling brook. The alternate track contains direct suggestions that are heard by the unconscious mind. These suggestions are repeated many times during a session. Subliminals can be an addition to self-hypnosis programs. But Subliminals will never replace Hypnosis or NLP because they are not as effective! They don't even come close!! Some experts have claimed that it can take up to 80 hours of listening to a subliminal CD before it will have any effect on many people.

The last hypnotic methodology that we're going to talk about is Video Hypnosis. Video hypnosis is the most efficient form of hypnosis!

The techniques used in video hypnosis are based on the NLP technology, which works based on the utilization of a person's existing thought patterns instead of post-hypnotic suggestion. Over 70% of the people on the planet learn more quickly based on what they perceive through their eyes rather than what they hear.

Think about it. If you feel an urge to eat or smoke when watching TV, it's because your unconscious mind recorded the video image of either food in your hand, or a cigarette in your hand, and then banded together that image with an image of the television. You never spoke to yourself and told yourself in words to associate them together, true?

And that's why the Video Hypnosis mechanism is so compelling. It's not hypnotic in the traditional sense, relying on the spoken word; rather, it relies on transmitting images to the unconscious mind. And if you've ever cried when watching a sad TV show, then you know how effective video hypnosis can be at reaching the unconscious mind. With this technique, results usually start with the very first viewing!

The Video Hypnosis / NLP technology reprograms the unconscious mind using a high-tech simulation process called computerized digital optics. This frees you of your compulsions, urges, and tensions and allows a smoker to quit effortlessly, and a dieter to lose their cravings and appetite. Results start with the very first viewing!

Alan B. Densky, CH opened his practice in 1978. He is the developer of Neuro-VISION Video Weight Loss Hypnosis DVD's and Video Stop Smoking Hypnosis DVD's. The technology is the receipient of a United States Patent. Mr. Densky can be reached through his Neuro-VISION Self Hypnosis site.

Article By: Alan B. Densky, CH

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