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NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a tool used in the mental health profession for decades. It is based on the theory that our language and behaviour develops from our world experiences and perceptions. NLP builds on those language and communication skills that leaders have at their fingertips. It involves modelling these behaviours. They can learned. By learning and training NLP great gains can be made in communication, image, and role in the world.

The business world is full of people trying to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone tries to stand out to make the boss notice them, to make the clients and customers return. There have been countless studies on why some people achieve and others fall behind. Effective communication is key in many of these studies.

NLP can be used in a variety of areas of the business world to help increase effectiveness in workers, communicators, and most importantly, leaders. One of the key areas of NLP is the building of rapport. Rapport is a skill that involves matching, to some degree, the behaviour of those one is in contact with. This tool of rapport and other NLP methods can assist salespersons and key account managers to apply their communication skills to bring in sales and improve customer relations. NLP is shown to be effective as an internal communication device. Managers can communicate clearly with staff thus improving productivity and work environment.

Despite being a tool used in the mental health profession since the seventies, NLP is relatively new in the business world. The NHS uses NLP programmes to improve communication between staff and even between patients. They also incorporated the programme into their management training system.

There are several other uses for NLP in the business world, including but not limited to, preparing companies for organisational changes, developing marketing techniques, customer service and recruiting.

Terry Doherty, a master practitioner of NLP, provides proven results for many large companies throughout Great Britain. He provides NLP training in combination with coaching programs tailor-made to fit business needs.

Terry Doherty works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping clients to stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more cofident and helping change many other issues. Terry uses the latest techniques of hypnosis, NLP and life coaching skills for profound change. He can be reached at and his stop smoking page is

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