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My girlfriend has left me ( hvorfor elsker hun mig ikke ) alone. Why she loves me not ( hun elsker mig ikke mere ), my heart is crushed. Lets find true bond for your Heart.

Life is all about loosing and gaining. Finding back the thing once lost almost forever. Loosing something might hurt really bad but then that's life and whatever happens life goes on. Life never waits for anybody and so should you. Boys often find themselves in such situation wherein they say, my girlfriend has left me, she loves me no more and my heart is crushed. The fact is, they react really bad to such situations when are unable to get over the same. Quite similar to a situation I once faced in case of my friend. He used to come up to me and used to cry like anything saying why she loves me not and, I know my girlfriend has a second, my girlfriend broke up. But he never realized that it was not only her fault completely rather at some point he too was the reason behind the breakup, if he hadn't ignored her at the first place she might not have left him at all.

It is commonly seen that boys, when they have something or someone, they ignore it to the fullest knowing the person is for them after all and is thus not going to leave them, but when they do they realize the fact and go on crying my girlfriend broke up and my heart is crushed. Now when such situation comes crying and blaming the other saying my girlfriend has a second is not going to help. She loves me no more, might not be the reason at all, the reason might be far from the reach of your brain and your heart. So when you say my heart is crushed go on search for the reason, make sure if you are not the reason before going on saying my girlfriend has left me or why she loves me not.
Your saying my girlfriend has a second or my girlfriend broke up, might be correct, but saying my heart is crushed because of her and she loves me no more might be completely wrong maybe you saying my girlfriend has a second because you never cared for her the way he does, maybe you ignored her feelings at some point of time. So go on, go deeper and find the truth because that might help you overcome the situation, once you know the real reason. Of course blaming someone completely helps in forgetting the situation, but then it might stay in your heart forever not knowing the truth and you might not overcome the wound in your heart.

The answer to your question why she loves me not may be a simple thing that she does, but she is away because she thinks you don't care. Crying that my girlfriend has left me is not going to help, do something that is really going to help like going to her asking for the reason she left. If she has a valid reason like your ignorance or her own personal problems that you never cared about before go on help her and assure her you won't ignore her anymore and maybe she will come back.

Article By: Mohit Saxena

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