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Part -2


It was an evening in the month of Sept-Oct, 1956. The place was Durgapur of West Bengal state in India. I was at that time a 14 years boy studying in class-x. I was on the portico of our Quarter. Suddenly my eyes became closed, I fell into a trance and gradually lost my body sense. It seemed to me that my soul coming out my body was approaching towards infinite galaxy. Everything including earth, stars etc were out of my mind and reached a void zone. All on a sudden I got back my sense but could not fathom what it was.

After long 20 years passing through innumerable realizations, I realized that I had a jada Samadhi at that time. In such a state the seer stands at the junction of death and life. Anybody at this state generally crosses the door of life and enters death world. But if he has the blessings of God he returns which happens in my case.
Later on I came to know that this was the initiation of my divine life which flourished by the achievement of God-the-Preceptor who always guided and taught me throughout my life in the spiritual world.
After coming in contact with Diamond my divine dreams started.


It was the month of March-April,1959. One evening a friend of mine named Nisith took me to a gentleman at Kadamtala, Howrah (West Bengal,India). Without any hesitation we entered into his room. He was reading a book, lying on his cot. I was introduced with him by my friend. I realized that my friend was familiar to him though I never knew about it. The gentleman asked about my whereabouts and after some conversations both of us came out with great peace in mind unknowingly. I came to know that his name was Jibankrishna (Also known as Diamond as a writer of the book ‘Religion and Realization’).

I was only 18 years old at that time and couldn’t fathom who he was, but with an unknown attraction I started going to him often.
One noon time, along with my friend I was sitting on the cot of Diamond who also sat beside us. During that time no one was in the room. After some conversations he suddenly told me, ‘See my boy, for some years you will be totally engaged with your carrier building and studies and have to face hazards. But later on you will have to come back to this spiritual world and as days pass on,you will be approaching towards Higher Self and perfectness.’ While he was saying these words, he was patting on my back.

It was another day’s incident, there were many aged devotees in the room. It was about 3p.m,. A conversation was going on regarding my carrier. Suddenly Jibankrishna told the aged persons indicating me, ‘See, what is the necessity of having huge amount of money! A man’s life is quite sufficient with an earning of Rupees 300/- to 400/- per month (During that period it was sufficient). I am saying that he will be blessed by God in all respects – Yes, I am saying it.’ While uttering these words, he was in ecstasy.
I was only listening to him but could not understand its significance. I realized after many, many years when my life was destined as per his forecast.

Meanwhile, a new thing has developed in me. I started dreaming in various ways. During those periods I had no ideas about the significance of such dreams. But after long years I came to realize that these are divine dreams which are completely different from Freudian dreams and Upanishads have mentioned about such dreams thousands of years ago. I realized that these dreams show the progress of austerity of the seer through spontaneous upward movement of the life power within the body.

So a new era thus started in me revealing a new concept of Religion which is quite different from the traditional ones dealing with only human being who carries God within his body and nowhere else.


My divine dreams cover the following aspects:

1. Dreams indicating my own progress of austerity under the guidance of God-the-Preceptor. The number of dreams are above 500.

Divine dreams always indicate how is your progress in austerity within yourselves. The life power is in every human body. It has always the tendency of going upwards to reach cerebrum or 7th plane to be transformed into God This is a spontaneous process and is called Rajyoga. No exertion is needed to be transformed into Supreme One or Brahma. When God-the-Preceptor appears within you by His grace, He will guide your spiritual life.

What progress you have made will be revealed in dream. This may be either symbolic or real which is more effective.

2.Indication of increase in brain-power through different dreams . Numbers are 40.Increase in brain power is indicated by seeing innumerable people in dreams, by seeing far future and past, or experiencing advance science. All these experiences I have in my dream.

3.Annihilation of space . Number of dreams are many. In dreams when the seer goes to another place, it means that there is annihilation of space. In dreams I have gone to many foreign countries without going there in reality. This is the example that the whole universe is within a human brain.

4. Near and after-death experiences, based on spiritual aspects showing esoteric conditions of the body. In some of my dreams I was on the verge of death or crossed the region of death and again came back to life by the grace of God-the-Preceptor. Toching death point is called Jada Samadhi and Crossing death region is termed as Sthita Samadhi which means merging in infinity to gain more power(Complete transformation into God).

5.Vision of important persons like international and national politicians, film stars, players etc showing effects either on them or on waking world.

6.Vision of Hindu gods and goddesses, Great Prophets like Lord Christ, Mohammed, Sri Chaitannya, Sri Ramkrishna etc. Numbers are above 10. In many of such dreams my previous births were shown, though, this has the explanation like this - Past, present and future are merged in human brain. As and when necessary, these may reveal through dreams in pure consciousness. The same character governing genes of Mr X of the past may dominate in Mr Y of the present, and so, it is seen like that. In Vedanta there is no rebirth.

7.Out-of-body experiences, though quite different from clinical experience. Actually we explain like this- In all divine dreams Soul gets separated from the body and shows His sportive forms to the seer in the form of a person who attained Godhood in his life time. This has been mentioned in Upanishads clearly.

8. Repetition and narration of previous dreams within a dream . Numbers are above 18. Many times I dreamed that I was narrating my previous dream to my God-the-Preceptor very distinctly in a dream, either seen long before or seen recently. This is an indication of advanced brain power.

9.Vision of past through dreams: I have quite a number of such dreams on either far past like Prehistoric age, Vedic age, scenes of old Testament etc.

10.Vision of far and near future: What will happen within a few days was shown to me in my dreams. For example, many incidents happened after I dreamed the same scene in my dream. But more amazingly, I have experienced telepathic conversation with my expired mother, extra-terrestrials, journey by light speed spaceship, world after 1000 years and strangely, solution of Stephen Hawking’s information loss theory in dream. Besides these I saw many future visions numbering nearly 100.

11.Merging of dream and reality: In my dreams it happens many times that what I was dreaming happened simultaneously outside whenever I woke up. Sometimes it was vice-versa. This condition is mentioned in Upanishads.

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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