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Memory improvement takes time and discipline. People who already have well-developed memories already use certain techniques, whether or not they are consciously aware of it. You can easily learn those techniques but in the meantime, you can use these quick memory improvement techniques.

Clean your Desk:

Yes, this is a simple one, but it demonstrates an important metaphor; A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. It is difficult to think clearly and therefore remember anything if you cannot think clearly. In addition, part of the strategy for memory improvement involves created lists from your knowledge bank.

For example, you know that in your living room you have, your television, armchair, loveseat, end table and couch, in that order. You will use this information from your knowledge bank to help link things in your short term memory. Your desk can act as another example, if you know where everything is on the desk.

Learn one new word from the dictionary:

Every day pick up a dictionary, open it to a random page, pick a word and read the definition. You will not remember every word. You will not even remember most of the words, but you will remember some. As you continue to practice this technique, you will remember more and more words as you go.

As you continue to practice, you will even begin to find the opportunity to use your new word in conversation in the day. This will be the practise that you require as you learn your new skill.

The resources you need to learn this skill can be found at Improving your memory can be profitable, fun and can greatly improve your social standing.

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