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What is lifestyle management? Is it just another one of those terms being thrown about today to get people to buy new products or a legitimate term asking people to re-evaluate their way of living so as to enjoy life a little more? In today’s hectic world, the “Go! Go! Go!” expectation has placed an unfortunate burden on most workers. Getting a good handle on lifestyle management allows an individual to take a closer look at those burdens and find ways to ease them so that life is more enjoyable.

Understanding lifestyle management comes from taking apart the terminology so as to understand its different components. For instance, lifestyle is defined as the typical way of living. It reflects the attitudes, preferences, and culture in a person or group. Different types of lifestyles include a business lifestyle, homemaker, parent, rich, poor, faithful, and more. It just takes a visit to a magazine rack to view the hundreds of magazines devoted to lifestyles and see how they vary greatly among individuals.

On the other hand, management is defined as the process of managing. It is to take charge of and supervising things. Typically, management brings up the idea of someone overseeing the operations of a job site, but in fact people manage things like time, budgets, stress, and organization in both their professional and personal lives every day.

Therefore, it follows that lifestyle management is the managing of one’s lifestyle. It involves balancing work and personal issues. Taking care of the tasks in the office while also making sure bills are paid, that child care is arranged, pets are walked, and more can often be overwhelming. Today, Americans are working more hours than ever before, and it is often reflected in our unhealthy lifestyle habits like eating fast food, not exercising, and lack of vacations.

So, how does a person find a way to manage their lifestyle in a less frantic manner? Lifestyle management companies are the key! They help individuals take care of managing specific tasks so that the more pleasurable tasks and events can truly be enjoyed. It is easy to get bogged down in “have-to-do’s” so that the “want-to-do’s” get pushed aside. A lifestyle management company allows people to hand over tasks like grocery shopping, paying bills, getting the oil changed in the car, and more to someone else.

By handing off the “have-to-do” tasks to a lifestyle management company, people have the time to enjoy the school play, take a vacation, or enjoy a picnic with loved ones without any undue stress. With the summer months coming up, it can be so stressful planning for a vacation or finding day camps, that many people end up not taking the time to actually enjoy leisure activities. A lifestyle management company can take care of one’s vacation planning and lining up summer camps easily.

Lifestyle management companies also offer the small business owner the freedom to enjoy the better aspects of being in business so that the work life and personal life remain in balance. For instance, a real estate professional may choose to outsource administrative and marketing duties to a lifestyle management company so that resources are used effectively, leaving more time for other tasks.
In today’s busy world, lifestyle management is becoming increasingly important. Managing time and stress levels effectively makes for a happier life overall. Lifestyle management companies are not a frivolous endeavor, but in fact help people utilize their resources effectively so that they can live the fulfilling lifestyle they deserve and desire.

Tracey Crockett is the Chief Lifestyle Manager of Chores, Errands ‘N More, a full-service concierge and lifestyle management company located in Upstate South Carolina. The company's sole objective is to enhance the quality of life for its customers. More information can be found at, or by calling 888-509-5533

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