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A new religion is established in Jibankrishna’s era beyond the traditional religion

June, 1958.
Whatever old traditions of the religious world are in existence, Sri Ramkrishna has given a barrier to that and stood at the door. And pushed us beyond that. We are observing old religious traditions through Sri Ramkrishna. Why has he pushed us?

There is no necessity of old traditions. He has said clearly, ‘the money of Badsahi era is not in vogue in Nababi era.’ What he has done by giving the barriers to the old religion? He said, ‘ Man can never be the Guru or Preceptor.’ Saying this he eradicated the tradition of man preceptor system coming since Buddha’s era, and said, ‘God is the Preceptor.’ The meaning of God-the-Preceptor is Brahma (supreme). He is within all as the Preceptor. One time is required, as and when it will be necessary it will be manifested. In Upanishad it is said, ‘He is Brahma who appears in dreams.’ In dreams you see me saying so many things. Then who is he? He is Brahma.
Devotion is a process by which a man is transformed into Supreme one

June, 1958.
The term ‘devotee’ has no meaning. It carries no sense. It is self imposed term – only to cheat ownself, to express own ego man used this term. Devotion is a process by which a man is transformed into a supreme one. Sri Ramkrishna has remarked rightly that if God by his grace liberates himself from the body then it is the real liberation.

Diamond – born universal man

June, 1958.
Sri Ramkrishna has said, ‘what Mahamaya (The Holy goddess) has shown? A single point of light gradually envelops the whole universe.’ But nobody can understand it. Sri Ramkrishna has said about visualizing of verse in God, but in tidbits. For this reason I used to say before whether I shall be transformed into kalapahar (a destroyer)! Now I can see that I am so, but not in that sense.
Now I see that all the old traditions are automatically suppressed. So long I have used the term God-the-Preceptor, but now I see that this is not that, it is Parama Brahma or Supreme one. Nothing is required for attaining such stage.
Can it be explained, why people saw me in drams without seeing me before? Some saw me fifty years back, some twenty five years and some ten years. What do you say? It establishes the fact that I am born with Universalism.

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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