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In this day and age there are pills to help you maintain a good memory. There are simple steps that you can do to increase recall and memory.

Why not do the daily crossword. There are several in the newspaper and from the news racks you can purchase a small book full of crosswords. By doing crosswords on a daily basis will not increase your memory however you are working your brain power. You are using thought process.

Another method of using your brain power is to play concentration with a deck of cards. If you take the ace through nine and take only the pairs of these and shuffle the cards and place them in rows and then try to match them and remember where their mates are.
Another method of increasing your brain power is finding a really good anagram game, or make them up yourself. For example take your name and see how many words you can make from it. If your name is BOB, choose something different like a month of the year or a holiday such as Christmas. See how many words you can make.

Many of us forget from time to time that a simple game like hangman is also good for the brain. By playing hangman with a child, you are working on increasing brain power. It not only gets your mind off of stressful things you are enjoying time with a loved on.

By practicing these fun games and doing them on a daily basis, will lead into increasing your memory.

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