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According to the Myth, the human beings have been sent by the God to prove our worth on the earth. Earning money and fulfill our desires do not satisfactorily end our duty. Our profound duty is to serve the people and the choice should be there to kill the others desires by fulfilling their demands. Serving human being is serving God. On the other hand we have also been provided the genetic feature to increase the population. And the man traditionally has initiated a system which we call is marriage. This chronic system sacredly ties the knots of man and woman to fulfill their sexual satisfaction and give birth to the child. But what irritates is that how we can make the husband and wife relationships’ thread unbreakable and unsnapped. It is said that there are hands of woman behind the success of a man. In the relationship, a wife wants to discuss, may be relevant, some points to the husband which he avoids thinking that it is nothing but the waste of time and full of nonsense. The other obstacle is that the man’s ego. The majority of man expresses this ego to the wife.

The following are typically the some relevant recommendations leading of which can sweeten the husband and wife relations-
•     Not human but humanity is worshiped. Adapt for the request and for the demand means never demands anything but try to request.
•     Always say please or thank you.
•     Make your spouse believe you love her/him each and every single day.
•     Never show bossy behavior to the wife but act and support her as the weaker vessel and love her.

•     The time past is past so never think of it; never discuss each other’s past faults.
•     Don’t shout at the husband/wife may be he/she will not showing any sign of anger but it hurts him/her.
•     Don’t develop the physical beauty but spiritual ones. Love him/her heartily and to see that he/she belong to a rich family.
•     Show interest in your spouse’s likings. Don’t let arise nay misunderstanding. Try to realize the feelings of each others.
•     Behave kindly, gently and affectingly to your mate.
•     Each evening share the three causes that make you feel happy.
•     Don’t circulate your personal argument to your friends or the relatives it reacts like adding fuel to the fire.
•     Always focus on the facts that are common between both of you.

Many times it happens that the guy or the girl is not happy during their single life. Even sometimes they are forcibly being ready for the marriage. This is the time when you have to show the power of love. If your husband or wife is irrelative by nature don’ express your hate to him or her. Try to avoid the mistake or the misunderstanding between you. Be calm in your behaviour it will surly bring happiness to your life.

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