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Do you have a compulsive need to lie that you find hard to control? Do you wish you could control what you say a little better so that you don’t have to tell lies? If you suffer from or know somebody that suffers from compulsive lying you will understand just how devastating it can be to the sufferer and the people around them. Compulsive liars often exclude themselves from certain situations because of their disorder and many people that suffer from it will often find themselves alienated from their communities and even their families because of this behavior. If you suffer from the shattering disorder of compulsive lying then it is time that you took control and got it dealt with.

Over my career as a hypnotherapist I have helped many people with compulsive lying, both in my private clinic and with my hypnosis download products. I have seen first hand just how this behaviour can rip a family apart and cause no end of future problems for the sufferer. Compulsive lying can become a behaviour in many people for many reasons and over the span of my career I have heard many different reasons from many different people how they fell into the behaviour and then found it hard to get out… most actually started with tiny white lies which then unfortunately escalated into lies that would ultimately change their lives for the worst – and forever if the disorder stayed un-dealt with.

If you suffer from compulsive lying… what would it be like to not have the desire to lie? How much would life change and what bridges could be fixed by understanding your disorder and then getting rid of it? Just imagine taking control now and leaving compulsive lying and your life as a compulsive liar in the past so that you can move on and enjoy what life has to offer you!

Hypnosis works to reprogram the part of your brain that we refer to as your sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind holds all of the beliefs, behaviors and habits that allow your compulsive lying to exist. The hypnosis works with your sub-conscious mind to get rid for the need to lie and helps you on many levels to control and stop this wayward habit.

If you really want to deal with you compulsive lying then I wish you the best of luck and success. I would suggest that you start with a hypnosis download or recording or even looking up your local hypnotherapist.

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