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So far, in previous articles on how to make a Million Dollars, I have written about passion being essential, hard work definitely has to be part of the action and perseverance being the third step necessary in a quest for making real money. The next one to be added to this, would be the ability to cope with failure. Winston Churchill said that success consisted of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. That’s what I am talking about.

The best examples of going from failure to failure without giving up, are in the scientific exploration area. Scientists spend much time, in some instances, years experimenting in order to find the answers they are looking for. As an example, the story of the Wright brothers and how they worked on their first flying machine, is the story of failure after failure until success. Wikipedia has an excellent biography on the Wright Brothers.

Another great example is the history of Google. Google began as a research project in January 1996 by two Ph.D students. With continuous funding required and raised, during the following years, the company developed its search engine, as well as its advertising format. It was only in August 2004 when the company was offered to the public that it’s true market value was revealed and the founders were rewarded for their passion, hard work, perseverance and ability to continue even through failures.

In the field of sport, Tiger Woods rates as one of the outstanding sportsmen the world has seen. During his professional playing years there have been several years where he lost ranking and did not win major tournaments. However, he always worked hard to regain his position. What is probably not that well known either is that he was legally blind without contract lenses or glasses until 1999 when he underwent the LASIK procedure. He has also won many tournaments against all odds, through sheer determination and effort.

In your own life you would have experienced these failures and successes. And your successes would have depended on whether you would have been able to continue through your failures. This could have been just completing a puzzle, building something with your Lego blocks as a child, or later finding you had talent and ability in athletics for instance and working on your talent until you won the championship race. On the path to that, there would have been many failures which could have either stopped you from continuing, or encouraged you to put in even more effort.

Our lives as adults are very similar, although we do tend to allow failures to determine our efforts more than when we were youngsters. As one gets older, the consideration that we could actually fail, many times prohibits us from even starting. This often affects whether we strive for some achievements in our life, or whether we sell out to mediocrity and vegetate through life.

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