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Success is more than mere professional trainings, degrees, diplomas and technical skills. The real success reaches your intrinsic worth, the real you-YOUR PERSONALITY. Your personality gives direction to your life and is very much a deciding factor for accomplishing success.

Life is what you make it and & the task of improving ones personality is a lifetime project involving the development of mind, heart and soul. A person should be honest and impartial while examining oneself. If he overlooks his shortcomings, he will wallow in them while successful people believe in overcoming them.

Instead of simply posing a straight approval to what one sees, hears and reads without analyzing it, one should do his own thinking by activating his dormant powers. One should challenge his fears. One needs to be alert to opportunities and never stop striving to improve oneself. Dissatisfaction is an encouraging sign. One can make his personality felt by being receptive and never being contented with the thoughts he is thinking and the deeds he is doing.
Good voice,with certainty is an asset. Voice reveals ones personality and the speech gives out ones character. Words have the power to humble all manifestations. The art of conversation can be developed by being constructive and by being an alive witness to what is happening around you.

One of the vital ingredients of a likeable personality is courtesy. Its a well proportioned mixture of tolerance, kindness, thoughtfulness, respectfulness and a considerate behavior. Perseverance, too , equipped with poise brings success.To accomplish anything, one should be persistent, optimistic and should learn self reliance.A NEVER DIE ATTITUDE is what makes one immune to the defeats. Defeats are not really defeats when people possess poise. When we accept all the happiness showered by God with full grace and rejoice,one should also accept the troubles and moments of grief impartially without wailing and blaming destiny for it.People who do so accept life fully and never waste their time and energy in fret and fume. They are never at loss and inspire confidence.

Last, but not the least, a good character adds stars to ones personality. Its a sum total of ones distinctive and moral qualities which may include sincerity, honesty, reliability, tolerance and generosity. One should never let his ethics suffer to attain success as the charm is all ruined and success is but a mechanical event.

All these qualities along with a neat appearance makes one a winning personality, a person who is able to carry out successful personal and professional relationships. When the best is given, the best comes back to you.

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