How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part2

Self Improvement Goal Setting How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part2

In Part 1 of this article, I said we need to "prioritize our focus, and we need to understand the role of money as a tool with our goals."

What does this mean in real terms?

Goal setting is going from point A to point B. On the journey between point A and B, we use a variety of tools. This can be books, equipment, gifts, etc., and these need money (tool). Thus, money is one of the tools we use to complete the journey.

As we have established that money is a tool, we now need to look at ways of getting this tool, to enable us to progress with our goal setting.

We have two options with regards to money:

  • we can reduce our expenses, or
  • we can increase our income.

Usually the former is not the easiest (but not impossible). Without knowing your personal circumstances, I cannot offer advice on the former option (this article may offer some ideas). Here we look at the latter: ways to increase our income, that is, how we can get more money.

When we have a clear goal path, that is, we have a good idea of what we need to go from point A to point B successfully, and then we can usually identify how much money we will need, or at least when we'll need it, within reason.

Some of the options we have.

  • Part-time job
  • Take aloan (or use credit card)
  • Home business
  • Web business

Let's look briefly at these:

Part-time job. We need to look at how much money this is going to bring in. And then we should consider the time investment (away from family). We also need to consider the time and cost for commuting.

Take a loan. The credit card is also considered as taking a loan, as this is incresing our debt. This can cause stress and anxiety, so maybe this is not a good idea.

Home business. Do have a skill or knowledge in a certain field? We need to consider the start-up and operating costs, and then measure this against what our return will be. And think of the time away from the family.

Web business. Do we know what to do? Are there real opportunities available?

Keep it real

When we see money as a goal, we can lose sight of other things - we should always have time to stop and smell the roses.

It's all about keeping a realistic view of money: it's a tool that's used in your goal setting endeavors - nothing more, nothing less.

Keep in mind what Dr Joseph Murphy said: gNo one on this deathbed wishes he had spent more time making money!h

Money is a tool.

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