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Some of us may think that there are lucky or successful people and other who are unlucky or losers, they think that if you were loser then you have no luck and if you were successful then of course you must have luck in all your life matter.

But, what do we mean by luck?

Luck is only the "possibilities law" which move through your control over the circumstances, events and people around you. You can move it up or down, increase or decrease the probabilities of reaching the desired results.
As during a certain period either month, year or years, you have made a group of small assignments ( which we will call inputs) these inputs led at the end of this period to certain results ( we will call it outputs).

So there is no lucky person; only someone who achieve many tasks and missions and control over many circumstances, events and people, doing so can raise the possibility of achieving the desired results which was set in the first place.

But, what some may call luck ( like winning a big prize, inherit a wealthy relatives or even winning a horse gamble) is not luck at all, it is only a coincident or chances were the achieved results is not under your control and you have no influence on it, because it is too risky and your chances to win it on the long run is merely zero, despite the fact that luck depends on your inputs and is under your control in every ways.

- Now you have to know how to make your own luck and how to control all the elements around you to raise the possibility of getting the results you want which some may call luck and I call consequences of your work.
- Also, you have to know how to make the possibilities law works for your benefit and not the opposite.

- Finally, you have to be free from randomly and uncertainty.

Here are five steps to do so:

1- You have to prepare a complete study to all the knowledge, skills and possibilities which you need to do a certain job ad apply this study by all means, therefore, you’ll raise the chances of your success in this job.

2- Be sure you can get whatever you want from life no matter how hard and difficult it is, just do everything possible to increase probabilities of getting it, no matter small what you do it may make a difference in future either by success or failure in getting what you want.

3- Organize your life, don’t live it hazard, put a plan for your life, a plan you will follow to raise probabilities of achieving your target. State your goals and how you will accomplish them, what is the events, things and people you will require to manage all parts of your life. Don’t leave anything to circumstances, use your full abilities and create your own life, as you are the one who make luck and you are the one who control it to your benefit or otherwise.

4- Follow the steps of successful people or what they call lucky people, do what they do to get the same results.

5- Work what you love and choose from jobs what suits your abilities, skills and your natural talents, and don’t do tasks beyond your abilities hoping for better results. Always make the right inputs to get the desired results or the right outputs. Everyday, increase what you can achieve in the job you wish to be successful at, to get final outputs as consequences to your work and not a matter of chance or luck.
And always REMEMBER that God never waste the reward of your hard work.

Who work will find and who seed will harvest.

God says in his holy Qur’an “And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint,- none but persons of the greatest good fortune” Fusalat. So there is a reason to be patient which is the great luck in the end ( meaning the great share of reward by God), and the relationship between cause and result is what make luck, as luck in the Arabic language means the "Share" or results of work.

This is because God never create anything in life without a cause, as God says ’Allah created the heavens and the earth for just ends, and in order that each soul may find the recompense of what it has earned, and none of them be wronged” Al Gathya. Just by stated and calculated rules which luck has no role in it.

And not because we didn’t discover these rules it doesn’t exist, it exists despite our ignorance of it, and God may reveal it or not according to his will and for human benefits.

As God advise Mariam "And shake towards thyself the trunk of the palm-tree: It will let fall fresh ripe dates upon thee" but if he wishes he could easily through the rips on her but everything must have a reason.

So your life is the results of your inputs in a certain period and your luck is your share from your work as God never be injustice to any of his worshipers and what people claim about luck is mere excuses to justify their failure in moving their life to the better.

I searched the internet and found a division for luck. According to them there is two kinds of luck- one is inner and the other is external - and I’ll explain it as I read, and at the end I’ll prove that there is no place for luck in life and that your life is the fruits of your hand.

First Kind: The Inner Luck

Is defined as the individual human gifts which came by inheritance like:

A- The physical beauty and harmony; which enable many people to reach their goals like sports men or beautiful ladies.

B- The intellectual superiority and intelligence.

C- Energetic power; which appear in fighting obstacles and patience, And This is what provide the person with determination and make him try harder every time he fail to accomplish a matter and thus prevent him from feeling failure and defeated.

D- The hunch, or the sixth sense; which qualify its owner to choose the right options in the mysteries situations and make him understand the events before it happened. Etc…..

Second kind: External luck

This is what stands outside the individual physical abilities like:

The environment :
We usually find that the high cultural atmosphere push its people to get more cultural and also the organized family grow in the children the of love being organized from childhood and vise versa, when we find a very poor cultured surroundings, this may be obstacle in the intellectual development of its individuals.

The materiality means:
The more it exists in a family or surroundings, the more these individuals have the chance to acquire more social, educational and cultural ranks.

Beside having the fund, owning a successful social relationship helps to acquire a high level.
Now, if we search through these kinds of luck we will find the following:

The physical beauty and harmony:
If you search through all the mankind history you will find many famous characters who didn’t have any beauty or harmony in their bodies on the contrary they may lack some of these qualities or they may represent the opposite of them, you will find them get advantage from being less beautiful than others or from having disharmony in their bodies and they became famous because of that like( Ismail Yassin the most famous comedian in the Egyptian cinema who make use of his features to present a wonderful comedy that still exists until now) can I ask you now if he was handsome?!

The intellectual superiority and intelligence:
The most intelligent people may not use their intelligent to achieve their aims and the less intelligent people may use this limited intelligent to be more successful in their life than the intelligent.

The environment and surroundings:
Didn’t you see before a poor person who succeed in his study and progress in his work?!

Didn’t you see before a rich person who is failure in his study and his work despite having every thing available for him?!

You must had seen this before, so I don’t have to say this again, just observe another time it is only working hard that raise the probabilities of reaching the desired targets.

Now you can measure that to all other kinds of luck and you will find yourself canceling every elements one by one. Just remember your luck is your share from your work and as much as you seed you will harvest, so seed flowers and roses to harvest the life beauty and happiness.

My advice to you to be more lucky than others, you must watch the followings:

- Trust in God: as everything happened or will happen to you in your life is for your good, either you know it or not.

- Knowledge: increase your cultural and educational knowledge as it gives you power in everything you want to achieve.

- Good relationship: the best and fastest way to acquire good relationship is the good manner.

- Be determined: as nothing stands against determination, it creates the influence upon reality.

- Imagine the results (pretend that you are the most lucky person): as prophet Mohammed PBUH says - that the learning is by learn, the tolerance is by being tolerant and that the patience is by being patient- so pretend that you are lucky and you will find all the doors open for you.

- Thank God for his blessings: God says ( if you thank I’ll increase the blessings) and who is more sincere than God?! So if you want to be lucky, thank God for your share in life.

And before I finish this article I want you to repeat these words every day:

-Now I’ll make my own share and luck in life.
-Now I’m controlling all details of my life.
-Now I’m moving every element to my benefit.
-Now I deserve all the success in my life and future.
-Now I’m capable of achieving whatever I want.

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*Article in self developments

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