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The Holy Spirit is the all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere and is present according to Acts 5:3Ė4 teaches us that the Holy Spirit is God. His words are inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God itself.

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, sent by the Father and the Son to labor in our hearts. It is dynamic in creation.

He condemns the world of sin assurance to those of us who are saved. He fills us with His presence. He gives us power to live holy lives and to be witnesses for God. He helps us understand the Scriptures. He gives gifts to each member of the church so that each of us in the body can contribute as the Spirit desires. He ďsealsĒ us for the day of redemption, guaranteeing our inheritance in heaven.
The Holy Spirit can speak though some people donít think the Holy Spirit can speak because they think of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force, or simply a presence.
Godís Holy Spirit bears us in our presence. He allows us to live in righteousness, It has its own power and authority; it helps us to enter in the promise land, His Kingdom. And now He invites each of us to participate in that dynamic relationship of love. He casts out demons out of our life that we may live free from demonic influence of Satan. He tells us to live and follow and make Him be the center in our hearts and in our mind, in words and in actions, even in our plans and commitments.

The Holy Spirit has lived in a loving relationship with the Father and Son from all eternity. God created us to participate in that love relationship. He wants us to enjoy fellowship with Him, as each member of the Trinity has enjoyed fellowship with each other from before the beginning of time.

Godsí Holy Spirit gives fellowship to believers; it gives hope, grace, joy, peace and power to strengthen all our weaknesses, it instructs and teaches us to intercede for other believer through prayer to glorify and honor God.

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Article By: Naomi Cook

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