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What is goal setting?
These goal setting techniques will help you set effective yet achievable goals. Goal setting, simply put, is the process of defining your ideal future. Much like a movie script is turned into a screenplay, it's a way for you to identify precisely what you want and then motivate yourself to turn that vision into reality. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve helps you to know where and how to apply your efforts.

How do you set effective goals?

Get 'write' to the point
To begin the goal setting process, make your goals relatively easy and general then move to specifics. For example, when writing goals, start by jotting down something simple like "I want to buy a new car" or "I want to buy a house."

Now, using those examples move on to the specifics and details of what you really want, don't be afraid to get descriptive here, have fun, but be rational and realistic. Setting goals should be a positive and enlightening experience.

You don't want just any new car, you want a specific car. You want a fully loaded, 2010 Mercedes E550 coupe, black in color with almond-beige interior. You don't want just any house; you want a 2500 sq. ft. ranch style house, with four bedrooms three bathrooms, in Vail Colorado, on 5 acres of land. I think you catch my drift here.The more descriptive and specific you are with your goals the more likely you are to achieve them.

Go Short! Go Long!
Your goals can fall into varying time periods such as immediate, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or simply be classified as short, mid, and long term goals. Again using one of the examples above and being rational and realistic, one of your short term goals might be to explore the various locations, cities and/or neighborhoods for which you would want to live. Your mid term goal might be to understand the real estate market in your desired neighborhood, researching recent home sales, property values, taxes, etc., where as one of your long term goals would be to secure a real estate broker and mortgage lender.

A date with destiny
Establishing a date for when you will achieve a specific goal is critical to your success. Mainly because goals without dates are nothing more than dreams. Take responsibility, hold yourself accountable, and understand that only you and you alone have the power to change your life.

It's all in your head
Visualize your goals. Imagine already having achieved your goal. Put yourself in the picture and actually see yourself having what you want. For example, see your jet black Mercedes E550 coupe parked in your driveway, hop in.go for a drive., smell the leather, feel the powerful engine accelerate as you drive down the road listening to your favorite song on your Harmon-Kardon premium surround sound system.

The better you are able to visualize, the easier it is for your subconscious to accept and embrace your goals. Visualization can be a very powerful, motivating, and exciting goal setting technique.

The "GO" in goals
Begin taking immediate, decisive, and consistent action. Create a plan, write down the steps and actions you will take to reach your goal. Taking action daily will help you to build momentum.

Persistence is the key, so do whatever it takes. Know that quitting is not an option, so if one method or approach fails, try another.

Redeem your rewards
Each goal and each step you take toward achieving your goal should have a planned reward. When you have reached a milestone, reward yourself by dining out at your favorite restaurant, going to a theater to watch a movie, or relaxing poolside with your favorite drink. When you reach your ultimate goal, have a greater reward such as a weekend getaway to that new resort and spa, a trip to Hawaii, or a ski vacation in Tahoe.

Wrapping it up
Believe in yourself and you can achieve whatever you desire. Use these goal setting steps to begin putting the GO in goals. The goals you set today, simply put, are your blueprints to success tomorrow.

Lucas Cantoni
Lucas and Carri Cantoni are mentors and business coaches specializing in delivering value and education while creating success and wealth in others. They and their team of marketing professionals are committed to helping serious entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses. For more information and to contact Lucas and Carri visit http://www.lucasandcarricantoni.com.

Article By: Lucas Cantoni

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