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Today we're going to talk about the different kinds of goals and what this means to and for you.

It is just as important to understand and act upon the different kinds of goals that you have as it is to have goals in the first place. I am sure you will agree that all aspects of your life are inter-related, yes? The physical part of your life, your health, body condition, your environment whether it's home, work, or where you play, affects the spiritual or metaphysical areas of your life which is also related to and affecting your financial situation in life, or at the very least reflected in and by it.

When one area is lagging, the others are affected.

This is why it is imperative that you not only focus on one area of your life and goals. One affects the other, and success in one area will affect your ability to attain success in another.

It's often not easy to separate your goals, even when you try, so why waste the effort? Why not use that to your advantage?

Maybe we could categorize our goals more simply into three very basic groups: physical, financial, and emotional. Much easier to see the inter-related factors when they are viewed like this, isn't it?

Physical goals can be for your own physical needs, health related such as losing weight, being stronger, more fit, or something like stopping smoking.

Financial goals aren't always about your bank account either. Financial goals here are any that are related to money in your life. That can be reducing debt, reducing spending or costs, improving income, savings, or investments. They might also include the 'reason' you are trying to reach that goal; purchasing a new home, the car you dream of owning, taking vacations, visiting friends and family, more time to spend with your family, taking up or spending more time with hobbies, giving more to your church or community or other causes, caring for your family,

Emotional goals are the toughest to define, but perhaps the easiest to affect change. A goal such as "I want to be happy" isn't a real goal, you first need to define what makes you happy, what you think would make you happy. Personally, I'm not a big believer in 'making' anyone, even myself, happy though. I believe it is a simple choice we make and not a choice made by others for us. That, my friend, is just an excuse and a way to not accept responsibility for ourselves, our actions, or our situation.

If we are to attain happiness then, is it solely through our own efforts? By our own making? Or are you mistakenly looking for someone else to 'make' you happy?

Emotional goals might be aimed at your relationships, personal, professional, spiritual. A goal to be in a happy marriage, or to control your anger, or to not be manipulated by others, is an emotional goal.

They are all part of what makes you be you. The person you are now, the person you want to become.

So, take your notebook and write across the top Physical Goals, Financial Goals, and Emotional Goals.

Then list beneath each one the things you are trying to attain in each.

Next, write at least one reason 'why' you must reach that goal.

Notice how many times one goal from another column relates or reflects goals in another? Even the 'why' will be repeated.

Now, write at least one thing for each that you can begin to do, today, that will move you along that path to attaining that goal.

Prioritize the list then choose the top 3 from each column. They can be inter-related, that's even better. One goal helps you reach the other.

Set a time limit where possible, then dedicate yourself to reaching that goal

Take action. Rinse and repeat.

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