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There are many goals. Basically, they can be categorised into long-term goals and short-term goals.

1. Long-term goals: Anything that is bold! Just write down anything outrageous! It is ok; it is GOAL anyway, right?

Remember, no invention begins without a boald dream! We will not have computers, if nobody dreamt of having a machine think as fast as us. We will not have cars i on one ever though of having a machine to carry us around.

Next, write down not one or ten . . . but, challenge and push yourself to write down 100 goals! Trust me! It is not easy, but it is worth it! To date, I just managed to write 70 of them. It is important to complete it and rewrite it again every year! It will be interesting to see and review yearly goals and notice the priority and importance changed accordingly due to many internal and extenal factors.

2. Short term goals: Something practical and realistic; something which is achievable and something that can push us out of our comfortable zone.

Generally, for short term goals, need to be written in present tense as if it has already achieved. Then, set a deaddate realistically and if the date is dued and unfortunately slipped a little, just adjust it accordingly along the way.

Next, be as clear as possible (used of words such as "by" or "from" or "on".) Write down the detail as much as possible, if you could, do write down the color, shape, dimension, smell, sound, environment…etc)

Next, write it in positive positive and not negative positive way. (eg, "I want to replace smoking with exercise" as compare to "I want to stop smoking") Use affirms word and not trying word. (eg, "I MUST have. . ." as compare to "I WISH to. . ." or "I will TRY to. . ."
Set a plan.

Lastly, ensured that you write it down everyday. Yes, for short-term goal, it`s important to wrte it down everyday! Not many goal-setting resources will tell you to write everyday. YES AGAIN! everyday! But why? . . . So that our mind can be congruent to what we aim and shoot for. If possible, start a new day with writing down the goal! This will remind us and tell us each day, what ever we do, are we gearing it towards our goal! Be reminded that this is not that "daily" reminder such as "I will do marketing" or "I will bring my kids to zoo". This is your short-term goal, which I will encourage everyone to write it everyday.

By the way, you may ask, what if I miss the deadline? Well, reset, review and rewrite again! Hey, rocket scientists do not launch their rocket to moon with one single projectile. The actual path of rocket was corrected consistently throughout the whole projectile! So …

You = Rocket
Goal = Moon
Deadline = consistently corrected throughout projectile

Thus, by writig down our goals daily, will help us to correct and review our daily tasks if we are on the right track.

So go ahead. Write down you goals! Do it everyday!

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