Ghost hunting and haunted weekends

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Ghost hunting and haunted weekends
There are many cities up and down the whole of the UK that claim to have an eventful past that lend themselves to supernatural and eerie goings on. This article is aimed at working through some of the cities up and down the UK and will discuss what they can offer in terms of Ghost Hunting and haunted weekends. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on ghost hunting and haunted weekends.
Ghost hunting – the cities in question
As mentioned previously there are many cities up and down the UK that can aid and offer you a scare fest by offering ghost tours. This is due to the rich and interesting historical past that the UK has to offer. Some examples of the cities that can offer ghost tours include:
York – this historical city is home to many ghost tours and haunted weekends, this is due to the age of the city and it can really offer lots of fun and exciting ghost tours.
Edinburgh – again this city has a very rich and long history and that is show with the amount of ghost tours that they have to offer. Even places that aren’t directly ghost tours also have ghosts that haunt them, one such example is mark kings close which is a street that is underground as the Edinburgh mile has been built directly over the top of it. Mary kings close has houses and buildings still intact dating back hundreds of years. There is one house in particular that has a bedroom of a little girl who apparently still haunts those that visit.
London – again another city with a very long and rich history, with the likes of the plague and other diseases over the years and also jack the ripper you are bound to find one or two tours offering ghost hunting.
As you can see there are many cities throughout the UK that can offer ghost hunting, if you would still like more information then this can be found by entering the keywords ‘ghost hunting’ into an internet search engine.

Article By: Jessica Thomson

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