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Do you wish there were more hours in a day to get everything done? Well, isn't it true that you have the same amount of hours as any other person on this planet? Maybe what you need is not more hours, you just need to learn to manage the hours you already have. Here are six common mistakes that people make, and how you can avoid them.

For some reason, it is common belief that to get more done, you need to work harder. This is totally false. The secret to accomplishing more is not to work harder, but to work smarter. That is why you should always start your day with a plan of action. Every morning write down what you will accomplish that day. Start your day with this plan in mind. Mark through each item as you accomplish it. Do not let anyone derail you from this plan.

Another big mistake is being out of balance in your life. If your financial life is a mess, you can't focus on your personal life, so therefore your personal life may suffer, which will cause you to be unable to focus at work. Each area of your life influences the other. Do your best to achieve a healthy balance in all areas of your life and your day will flow better with less stress.
Trying to work on a messy desk is another big mistake. Studies show that a person who works on a messy desk spends one and a half hour per day looking for things. Being organized is the key to good time management. Knowing where everything is at can be a great stress reducer. Need to find that important document for your boss in the next five minutes? An organized person, with an organized desk, would have it ready with four and one half minutes to spare.

Not getting enough sleep can mess up your whole day. If you are tired, you can't work as effectively as you should. Projects will take longer to complete and therefore more time is wasted. Get eight hours of quality sleep a night. The quality of sleep is important. If you are tossing and turning, waking up every hour, you are not getting quality sleep. You may have been in bed for eight hours but you will still be tired.

Not delegating is a huge mistake in managing time. If you have the resources by all means delegate. There are other people out there that can do a job as well as you can. Don't waste time by trying to do it all yourself.

Not taking a lunch break is another common mistake in managing your time. Sure you may get that extra half hour of work in, but is the work quality work? Could you have done it better and faster if you would have taken the time to eat and recharge your mental batteries? Our minds need a break every now and then. Take a lunch brea
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